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Entertainment: VW defends Currywurst's waiver in a canteen

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When Volkswagen dared to announce this week it will purge currywurst from the menu at one of its canteens in Wolfsburg and serve up meatless alternatives instead, a veritable online food fight broke out. Even Angela Merkel’ s predecessor, who' s always had a taste for populism, dished out. The sliced pork sausage doused in ketchup and dusted with curry powder is about more than just foodstuff. Currywurst is a culinary unifier enjoyed both in factory worker cafeterias and corner offices. It’ s not a stretch to call it a symbol of VW and Germany’ s post-war prosperity.

And in the canteens of Volkswagen factories, before the pandemic, currywurst was a hit: VW workers ate up to seven million sausages a year. But this August, the concern decided to break with tradition. The former German chancellor stood up to defend the sausage. Volkswagen ’ s currywurst is as branded as cars. Sausages for canteens of the concern are made in its own meat-cutting shop. This product is even assigned a separate number in the corporate catalog.

The waiver of the VW Currywurst in a canteen of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg has proven itself after conviction the decision makers.

Eine Wurst mit der Aufschrift «Volkswagen Originalteil». © Picture Alliance / DPA A sausage with the inscription "Volkswagen original part".

«The resonance of our guests is sensational and consistently positive - from the administrative area as well as out of production," said the head of VW gastronomy, Nils Potthast, the German Press Agency. Even without the Cantine Classic, the food offered was partially out of stock before the end of the end, Potthast reported just half a year after the decision.

The decision for a meat-free operating restaurant with the largest caraker in Europe had taken care of in the summer for swirls. In August, VW initially announced that the Canteen in the branded house after the factory leave on vegetarian and vegan cuisine, and only come to the offer. That meant that for the Currywurst.

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VW sells currywurst in two football stadiums. Volkswagen ’ s catering division has contracts to provide stadium catering for the VfL Wolfsburg and Eintracht Braunschweig football teams, where the half-size currywurst is offered. Currywurst is also sold in 22 supermarkets in the Wolfsburg area, and the firm is closing on a deal to supply a restaurant in Singapore. The most popular way to cook currywurst is to fry it, but VW ’ s head butcher told Autocar that his preferred method is to cook it in an oven. Franco Lo Presti said: “Slice it slightly three times with a knife, and place on an aluminium rack covered with foil.

Volkswagen currywurst is a brand of sausage manufactured by the Volkswagen car maker since 1973. It is manufactured at the company' s Wolfsburg plant and sold in restaurants in its six German factories. The currywurst are also sold externally at supermarkets and football stadiums and given away to Vo. Small Volkswagen currywurst cooked in a frying pan. Large Volkwagen currywurst with chips, bread and accompaniments.

, above all, the response of Old Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on the "force of the force of the skilled worker and the skilled worker in production" then fueled a debate on meat in business. "If I was still in the Supervisory Board of #VW, it would not have been such a thing," Schröder wrote at LinkedIn at that time.

For many users of social platforms and numerous media, the Currywurst throw-in of Schröder was a found eating in the summer hole. There were thousands of reactions and comments.

«It was clear from the outset: It's not against the Currywurst, who is offered after us in front of all other canteen of the work," said VW-Gastronom Potthast. It just go for more tasty alternatives. They now give it and they would be assumed great. The employees in the kitchen are also 100 percent behind the concept.

Although the Currywurst production at Volkswagen has often been above the car heel of the core brand, the extent of the debate should have surprised internally internally with the Hashtag "#RettetDiecurriedwurst". Because the company emphasized from the beginning that no one had to do without the sausage at VW, even because it continues to give them in the canteen a few meters on the opposite side of the street.

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