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Biden's COVID-19 test, SpaceX delivery, Christmas gift shipping: 5 things to know Wednesday

  Biden's COVID-19 test, SpaceX delivery, Christmas gift shipping: 5 things to know Wednesday President Biden will be tested again for COVID-19, the Christmas shipping deadline is here and more news to start your Wednesday.Start the day smarter. Get all the news you need in your inbox each morning.

Michelle Hunziker © Instagram / Therealhunzram Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker (44) and Tomaso Trussardi (38) are freshly separated. The beautiful entertainer and the attractive fashion heritage appeared like the perfect dream couple. 2014 married the two magnificently in Tomasos Family Villa in Bergamo. There were two cute daughters: Sole (8) and Celeste (6). In all the ten years of their relationship, Michelle Hunziker and their Tomaso lived largely scandal-free. Therefore, the marriage shocks all the more. On Instagram, the otherwise cheerful moderator seems to make your separation pain now air.

Shortly after the separation Michelle Hunziger was spotted in Milan - without wedding ring! Up in the video you can see the pictures.

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Encourages Audience Division

  ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Encourages Audience Division [This story contains spoilers for The Matrix Resurrections] “After all these years, to be going back to where it all started, back to The Matrix.” But the reality is, if there is such a straightforward term within this world, you can’t go back, only forward. Lana Wachowski’s sequel, The Matrix Resurrections, which follows the events established by her and her sister, Lily’s, genre-defining Matrix trilogy, revives the franchise after nearly twenty years.

Michelle Hunziker Posts enigmatic video

Michelle Hunziker shares with her fans a video of the Influencer Jesse Pedigo. The social media star is known, among other things, to post motivational sayings. Some of these words seem to have spoken of the 44-year-old probably from the soul. In the video, Jesse Pedigo sermones: "Daily memory: 'You do not always have to be strong. Sometimes you have to shed curs, screams or tears. But then you have to go together again. Then you will be back to the strong person you're actually. Never give up! '"

as if the lovesick is not bad enough, Michelle Hunziker must now be very strong for her two little girls. Therefore, Pedigo's motivation video is probably just at the right time. In her common separation statement , Hunziker and Trussardi also clearly made sure that the happiness of their children comes first. Michelle Hunziker already proved with their divorce of Eros Ramazzotti (58), with which the common daughter Aurora (25) has, how well life can work thereafter.

Germany takes over G7 presidency

  Germany takes over G7 presidency During its presidency of the group, Germany plans to focus on major issues, with climate policy as the top priority. The G7, or " Group of Seven," consists of the US, Canada, Japan, France, the UK, Italy and Germany. Germany takes over from UK.The G7, or "Group of Seven," consists of the US, Canada, Japan, France, the UK, Italy and Germany. When these countries came together in the 1970s, they were the seven strongest industrialized nations in the world, and the economy was the dominant topic. Today, the G7 deals with major international issues that require a multilateral approach.

Michelle Hunziker: What has the mother-in-law to do with the separation?

Tomaso Trussardis Mother Maria Luisa Trussardi is said to have given the Swiss-Italian Frohnatur permanent rejection . And the relationship with another family member of Trussardis should not have stood under any good star. Tomasos sister Beatrice was therefore afraid of the (fashionable) influence of Hunziker on the family company. After the death of her brother Francesco, Beatrice had taken the lead. No easier entry for Michelle Hunziker in the mighty fashion family Trussarri.

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