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Entertainment: Flashback - The day Jean-Jacques Goldman announced to his musicians the end of his career

Sandra Jaffe, co-founder of Preservation Hall, dies

  Sandra Jaffe, co-founder of Preservation Hall, dies NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Sandra Jaffe, who co-founded Preservation Hall in New Orleans, introducing countless people to jazz through the intimate French Quarter venue over six decades, has died. Jaffe died Monday, her son Ben Jaffe, creative director of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, said on the hall’s Facebook page. No cause of death was given. She was 83, news outlets reported. Jaffe and her husband, Allan, were jazz fans in their 20s when they stopped in New Orleans in 1960 during what their son described as a “Kerouac adventure” that had taken them all the way from Philadelphia to Mexico City.

this Friday, January 21, the album "The Heritage Goldman" reinvents the greatest success of the singer. A nice tribute for Jean-Jacques Goldman who withdrew from the musical scene in July 2004, to the greatest surprise of his musicians.

Although it has moved away from the musical scene, Jean-Jacques Goldman has a special place in the heart of the French . With 265 multicast titles in radios and on digital platforms, 70-year-old singer remains omnipresent . The success is always at the rendezvous, its arranger Erick Benzi has supervised the 15 "Goldman" Taken album ", released this Friday, January 21. A record that can only remember good memories for Nathalie 's husband musicians. And for good reason. While it was going to close the Francopholies Festival of La Rochelle, on July 17, 2004, Jean-Jacques Goldman shares an amazing decision to his stage partners , as the Figaro reveals. "Just before singing, has just announced to his musicians that he intends to put his career between parentheses 'for a moment'". This is how the friend and composer of Céline Dion "put an end to his public career". If this media withdrawal should only be temporary, the singer shines by his absence for eighteen years old

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life very far from the effusion of media coverage that says a lot about the continuation of Jean-Jacques Goldman's career. "Over the years, this 'moment' has become final , says Michael Jones, his faithful partner for nearly thirty years . But when Jean-Jacques made this confession, none of us thought he stopped forever ", concludes the guitarist with some emotion. Despite this radio silence, the music of Jean-Jacques Goldman "rings", "does not cheat" and continues to "guide the footsteps" of the French and his musicians.

  Flashback - Le jour où Jean-Jacques Goldman a annoncé à ses musiciens la fin de sa carrière © provided by Gala Jean-Jacques Goldman surrounded by his musicians and his friend guitarist Michael Jones for an exceptional concert at the Olympia, in Paris, May 4, 1988. Video: Coldplay announces the release date of his Ultimate Album (Cover Video)

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Agency / Bestimage at 70, Jean-Jacques Goldman saw a peaceful life in Marseille alongside his wife Nathalie and his three children. If his fans hope deeply again on stage,

the former member of the bastards may do many disappointed. Despite the release of the two tribune albums that will give rise to a series of concerts, "JJG" will not return , as he revealed it in the columns of the JDD. "The listed albums are the visions of their authors. I did not involve anything. Regarding all books, shows, records, emissions, none is on my initiative and I did not participate in none. . It happened, I would say clearly, of course . " The message is clear. to read also Jean-Jacques Goldman: He comes out of his retirement for a very original project - GALA

podcast. The history of the presidential elections: In 1995, the 3rd essay of Chirac is finally the good .
© Archives AFP Jacques Chirac elected in 1995. Numerous are the major events of the last 50 years whose consequences always influence on the news . In our series, "When history does the news," in partnership with the INA, relive some of the great appointments of our recent past. In this new production, discover in audio the seventh presidential election since 1958, where Jacques Chirac, though poorly left, overthrew the table and became the 5th President of the Fifth Republic.

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