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Entertainment: Death of Cédric Chouviat: The deliveryman repeated several times "I fuck" at the time of his arrest, reveal new images

Activists seek special prosecutor in teen's custody death

  Activists seek special prosecutor in teen's custody death A coalition of community groups demanded Monday that a special prosecutor be appointed in the case of a Black youth who died following a physical struggle with staff at a Kansas juvenile center. In a Wichita rally and letter to local officials, community activists also called for the release of video and the names of the individuals involved in the death of 17-year-old Cedric Lofton. It comes after an autopsy report released last week contradicted an earlier, preliminary finding that the teenager hadn’t suffered life-threatening injuries. The autopsy ruled the death a homicide.

"Liberation" reveals new elements on the circumstances of the death of Mr. Chouviat in Paris, after A police check carried out on January 3, 2020.

new images published Tuesday, January 25 by liberation come to document the last moments of Cédric Chouviat, deliveryman and family father of 42, dead in Paris two days after a police check made the January 3, 2020. In hospitalized in critical condition, he is declared dead on January 5th.

On these images, captured by the delivery phone, we hear that he "stifles" while he is plated on the ground by the police officers. So far, the police have always refuted having heard the cries of agony of the victim.

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At the beginning of the long video of a little over three minutes, the exchange between a policeman and Cédric Chouviat is understood after the interpellation and verbalization of the latter. "That's like that you see put fines to people, it's your job," said, at first, Cédric Chouviat, who films the police after being verbalized. "Yes, sir, you put oil voluntarily on your plaque to conceal it," retorts the policeman. "You do not even know. Do not touch me, please. My scooter is dirty, my plate is dirty, and yes, "says Cedric Chouviat.

Then the exchange turns on both sides. It is then that the police are pushing Cédric Chouviat on the ground. "I stop. Hey, I chick. I'm choking. I'm choking. I chick ... ", repeats the delivery man nine times.

The day before these revelations, a new medical expertise on the death of Cédric Chouviat confirmed the responsibility of the three policemen, leaving the investigating judge the question of their voluntary nature or not.

Cédric Jubillar: This huge mistake that could advance the file

 Cédric Jubillar: This huge mistake that could advance the file © Battard Patrick / Abaca Cédric Jubillar: This huge mistake that could advance the folder while the mystery around the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar remains whole, revelations On the treatment of the case could make the lines move. It was more than a year ago and since then, the investigation is in a dead point. disappeared from his home of Cagnac-les-Mines in Tarn, Delphine Jubillar left nothing behind she and remains not found.

A new expertise confirms the responsibility of the police in the death of Cédric Chouviat following an

control in this document dated 8 January, the five medical experts mandated by the judge retain as a cause of the death a "simultaneous association of several Factors "arising from the arrest gestures that" ended up very rapid deprivation of oxygen to the brain ".

Video: Has Cédric Jubillar been confessions about Delphine's death? (BFMTV)

nor the gestures of arrest when it was still standing nor its fall did "cause discomfort", according to the experts.

A reconstitution of events must take place

"The problem is born from the moment the victim, obese with a short neck and a helmet on the head attached under the chin, is found in the ventral position with a maintenance and support in the region. Dorsal, a forearm passed in front of the neck that raises the body to clear their arms and bring them back into a general atmosphere of stress with opposition and struggle, "they summarize a sentence.

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for them, it is the ground that the death of Cédric Chouviat has played: the movement back and forth the "forearm passed under the chin" would have generated a "mechanical crushing of the trachea" and "carotid".

As liberalized, it remains to be seen whether the police have heard the words of Cédric Chouviat, recorded by the microphone of his helmet.

to find out if the police were able to hear the cries of the delivery of the deliveryman, which they dispute, a reconstruction of events, which should insist on the auditory aspect, should be organized soon, according to the indications of sources concordant at the France-Presse agency (AFP).

could then be a requalification of the facts in "voluntary violence that resulted in death", a crime punishable by the seating, as the family demands.

solicited about the new medical expertise, Mr. Laurent-Franck Lienard, a lawyer of two of the police, did not wish to comment. Mr. Thibault de Montbrial, a lawyer of the other two, did not respond to AFP.

A white walk, in Paris, in memory of Cédric Chouviat, died a year ago during a police control

Cédric Jubillar proud of his new notoriety: this behavior that "agaces" his codétenus .
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