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Entertainment: "True North": What is already known about the new album of A-HA?

What is a posthumous album?

 What is a posthumous album? © SIPA The Anti-Peche - The posthumous album of David Bowie "Toy" came out on January 7th. But what is a posthumous album? Every day, JDD's antisic answers a question that is not so stupid as that, to better understand the news. An album posthume is a music album released, as its name suggests, after the death of the singer. In the field, Jimi Hendrix holds all records: nearly 40 albums after his death (one fifteen in the studio) against ... only five of his lifetime.

After about seven years, the Norwegian pop heroes A-ha publish their new record "True North" in the fall of 2022. It is the first album of singer Morten Harket (62) and its tape colleagues Pål Waaktaar-Savoy (60) and Magne Furuholmen (59) since the end of 2015, as "Cast in Steel" appeared.

Sänger Morten Harket von a-ha während eines Auftritts im norwegischen Trondheim. © Imago Images / Gonzales Photo Singer Morten Harket from A-HA during an accession in the Norwegian Trondheim.

RCA Germany will publish "True North" internationally. However, according to a press release, it is not just an album, but also a filmed live performance of ten completely new songs. The plate should then contain a total of twelve tracks. As a publication period, only the upcoming autumn is specified.

Stromae is the "20 hours" guest of TF1 Sunday for its new album "Multitude"

 Stromae is the The Belgian singer is rare in interview © Michael Ferrie Stromae returns with "health" Rare bird - The Belgian singer is rare in interview after the exit of the Single Health on October 15, the announcement of its new album multitude for March 4, 2022, and even a French tour in 2023, it was time for stromae to speak . He who is so rare in interview. The Belgian singer chose the JT of 20 hours of TF1 for his return. It will be the exceptional guest of Anne-Claire Coudray Sunday night.

"TRUE NORTH" is a tribute

in the movie handle it a homage to Norway's culture, the sea and the landscapes. Both the texts as well as the music taken together with the Arctic Philharmonic in Norway, should therefore act from the interplay of man and nature. "The movie plays in the stunning landscape Northern Norway and was taken up in the city of Bodø above the Polar Circle," explains furu moles in a statement.

The band was founded in 1982 in Norway and has since published ten studio albums since then. According to the press release, A-HA has so far sold more than 80 million types of sound. Probably the biggest hit of the group is the song "Take on Me", which appeared in the mid-1980s.

Pearl Jam want to take a new album with Justin-Bieber producer Andrew Watt .
For star producer watts, a kind of life traum fulfilled: "The work with Vedder was an incredible moment, which closes the circle and prepared for all my life long was. " © Provided by Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam for StarProduzent Watts have fulfilled a kind of lifesta:" The work with Vedder was an incredible moment, which closes the circle and to which I live on all my whole life Long was prepared.

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