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Entertainment: Gold Prize: Dollar Strength presses crisis protection under the brand of 1,800 dollars

Mega Millions Numbers, Results for 12/31/21: Did Anyone Win $221 Million Jackpot?

  Mega Millions Numbers, Results for 12/31/21: Did Anyone Win $221 Million Jackpot? The final jackpot of the year had a cash option of $157.7 million. Here are the numbers and results.The jackpot stood at an estimated $221 million, with a cash option of $157.1 million, according to the Mega Millions website. But no one took home the biggest prize on offer following the draw on Friday, December 31.

The gold price threatens with minus two percent the weakest trade week since November. The main responsibility for this is the rise of the dollar index to the highest level since June 2020.

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by Jörg Bernhard

According to a Reuters survey under analysts, the gold price in this and in the Due to increasing opportunity costs (interest-oriented) due to increasing opportunity costs. However, this reasoning should only be gripped if inflation is clearly reduced. Currently, in the face of highly rising energy prices and increasing oil price predictions of 100 dollars per barrel, it does not look like. The strong figures for the growth of the US economy have bought the dollar in addition to yesterday's Thursday and braked the gold price in return. With plus 6.9 percent, GDP growth exceeded both the previous quarter (+2.3 percent) and forecasts (+5.5 percent) and thus laid the basis for the latest gold sales.

The GOP’s masculinity panic

  The GOP’s masculinity panic David French on the cult of toughness on the Trumpist right.Republicans like Josh Hawley, a senator from Missouri and a star of the New Right, have made masculinity a signature issue. In a recent speech at the National Conservatism Conference, for example, Hawley argued that the progressive left is trying to “deconstruct” the American man. That’s quite a statement, and whether you agree with it or not, it’s crucial to grapple with its appeal and how it’s shaping our politics.

On Friday morning, the Gold Prize presented with stable quotations. Untiating 7:30 (CET) reduced the most active futures on Gold (April) by 2.90 to $ 1,796.00 per ounce.

Crude: Sixth weekly profit in a row Wick

of his yesterday marked seven-year high is the fossil fuels not far away. An important course driver continues to be the geopolitical risks in Eastern Ukraine and the Middle East. Because the omikron variant is milder and more and more countries cancel their restrictions on the economy, the active demand for tensed supply for tendencies ensures higher prices. Currently, demand is higher than the offer. Like Fridays, at 19.00, the US service company Baker Hughes operating in the oil sector will communicate its weekly report on North American drilling activities, providing increased attention to energy markets. Should it come here to surprises, this should also affect the trading end of the coming week.

On Friday morning, the oil price presented with higher quotations. Until 7.30 (CET), the next WTI futures fueled 0.64 to $ 87.25, while his counterpart at Brent took on 0.57 to $ 88.74.


EXPLAINER: What are US options for sanctions against Putin? .
WASHINGTON (AP) — The financial options being considered to punish President Vladimir Putin if Russia invades Ukraine range from the sweeping to the acutely personal — from cutting Russia off from U.S. dollars and international banking to slapping sanctions on a former Olympic gymnast reported to be Putin’s girlfriend. Publicly, the United States and European allies have promised to hit Russia financially like never before if Putin does roll his military into Ukraine. Leaders have given few hard details to the public, however, arguing it’s best to keep Putin himself guessing.

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