Entertainment: Legislative in Senegal: Overview of Outsiders

Sadio Mane, Asisat Oshoala win African player of year awards

  Sadio Mane, Asisat Oshoala win African player of year awards NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports that the Cleveland Browns are signing quarterback Josh Rosen after a workout to bolster their quarterback depth in wake of any possible suspension that Browns QB Deshaun Watson may face.

Huit listes sont en compétition pour les élections législatives de dimanche prochain au Sénégal (image d'illustration) © RFI/Guillaume Thibault Eight lists are in competition for the legislative elections next Sunday in Senegal (illustration image)

Final straight line in the campaign for the legislative elections July 31 in Senegal. Eight lists are in competition. The main coalitions of the majority -Benno Bokk Yaakaar- and the opposition -yewwi Askan Wi / Wallu Senegal -are in the spotlight. But it will also be necessary to count with the outsiders.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Charlotte Idrac

The National Assembly, Pope Diop knows it well, since he chaired the institution between 2002 and 2007. Former close to President Abdoulaye Wade, former mayor of Dakar, he As a national list of its coalition, Bokk Gis Gis Liguey. Unhappy candidate at the town hall of the capital last January, he made again rider alone.

Indiana abortion debate draws protest crowds, vice president

  Indiana abortion debate draws protest crowds, vice president INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Thousands of people arguing the abortion issue surrounded the Indiana Statehouse and filled its corridors Monday as state lawmakers began consideration of a Republican proposal to ban nearly all abortions in the state and Vice President Kamala Harris denounced the effort during a meeting with Democratic legislators. Harris said during a trip to Indianapolis that the abortion ban proposal reflects a health care crisis in the country. Despite the bill’s abortion ban language, anti-abortion activists lined up before a legislative committee to argue that the bill wasn’t strict enough and lacked enforcement teeth.

Other route for Pope Djibril Fall. The journalist and columnist, at the head of the coalition "Les Servants / MPR", launched for the first time in an election. "He wants to get out of the bipolarization of political life", "he knows the concerns of young people," said a supporter.

For his part, Bunt Bi, although a member of the presidential coalition, this time presents himself under his own banner. Its president, El Hadj Ibrahima Mbow runs the national list. Among its priorities: industrialization and modernization of the administration.

Finally, the Naataangue coalition Askan Wi. Its national list is directed by the religious guide Sheikh Alassane Sène, but the training is weakened by internal divisions.

Gilles Verdez Love: Fatou publishes images of their holidays in Senegal .
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