Entertainment: That was sitting: Vanessa Mai destroyed moderator Elton in TV

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moderator Elton in the last edition "embarrassing or collecting XL" several mistakes - to the Vanessa Mai repeated him repeatedly. What happened.

Elton und Vanessa Mai © Imago / EU-Images; Imago Elton and Vanessa Mai

Elton looked a bit perplex after Vanessa Mai in the big edition of the Pro7 show "embarrassing or collecting XL" repeatedly pointed out to errors in his moderation.

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The pop singer was together with Ruth Moschner and Dieter Nuhr for the show loaded.

Andrea Berg & Vanessa Mai clear with Zoff rumors on

 Andrea Berg & Vanessa Mai clear with Zoff rumors on Stuttgart/Berlin - The pop singer Andrea Berg (56) and her daughter -in -law, pop singer Vanessa Mai (30), have tidied up with rumors. © provided by Tag24 Vanessa Mai (30, right) and Andrea Berg (56) claim that it is nonsense that they were competitors. "We are repeatedly attached to this competition, which is total nonsense," said May in the double interview of the "Bild am Sonntag". "There was never a situation in which we both got together." May comes from Württemberg's Backnang and has been

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Vanessa Mai vs. Elton: What's wrong with you?

The concept of the program: two people compete against each other. Elton reads questions from different areas - if you think that he or she knows the answer, you have to press the buzzer and then have five seconds to name the answer. You can also buzzer before the question was read out.

Video: Vanessa Mai: The singer does not like these things about her (bit projects)

before the show could start properly, there have been short unpleasant moments during the moderation of Vanessa Mai. For example, Elton said that her zodiac sign was the "Party Palme" and that she also wears it as a tattoo. The singer reacted irritated and asked: "What?!? Party palm? What's wrong with you? Why party palm?"

from Servus TV to ZDF - new moderator at the start!

 from Servus TV to ZDF - new moderator at the start! Berlin - After a few moderator exits on ZDF, sporty replenishment is now coming in the morning! © provided by Tag24 Amelie Stiefvatter (born 1990) will be the new sports presenter in the "ZDF morning magazine". The Berliner Amelie Stiefvatter will strengthen the sports team in the " ZDF morning magazine " from Monday, August 8, 2022, according to the broadcaster.

Elton asked, now also a little irritated whether she hadn't tattooed the motif of a palm. On the other hand, this confirmed that it was a memory of her wedding in Mallorca. She obviously found this detail in the moderation in the moderation.

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but then the unpleasant moments went into the next round. Because Elton continued with his moderation and mentioned her album: "Mai Tai". Here, too, the singer intervened and called: "That was last year" and corrected the title. "Metamorphosis" is the current album. Then she complained to the moderator with "Man, Elton".

of these counterattacks, apparently little convinced: "I only said that your album is called that and not that this is your current album."

But she comforted the Pro7 moderator and also pointed out that her current album had not yet been released and only came out on August 12th. Elton's mistake wasn't that big.

here you can see the episode.

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