Entertainment: Wild Bär surprises "Terra X" moderator Dirk Steffens at breakfast

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Juneau (USA)-"Terra X" moderator Dirk Steffens (54) has already experienced a lot on his travels for the ZDF series. In Alaska, where he is currently shooting a new episode with his team, an animal guest now stopped by for breakfast.

Dirk Steffens (54) sieht den tierischen Besuch gelassen. © provided by Tag24 Dirk Steffens (54) sees the animal visit calmly.

"I was just outside while the others make breakfast. Now I can't come in," said the nature filmmaker in a video that he released on Instagram.

In this you can see a grizzly bear that tries to get into the house over the terrace. With its whole body weight, the bear is against the door.

Dirk Steffens watched the events in a relaxed manner. "They don't do anything, they just want to play," the science journalist explained the behavior of the grizzly.

Ultimately, the animal pulled out of then.

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