Entertainment: Breaking Bad: If you haven't seen this cult series yet, hurry up, you don't have much time left on Netflix!

Astros to give Yordan Alvarez occasional time off due to lingering injury

  Astros to give Yordan Alvarez occasional time off due to lingering injury Manager Dusty Baker told reporters that the Astros will be giving Alvarez some occasional time off due to this seemingly lingering injury. “We knew we were going to have to give him a blow every now and then, but he was sore and we don’t want it to get more sore,” Baker said.With two homers in 13 plate appearances in his four games since returning from the IL, Alvarez didn’t seem too hampered by this recurring hand problem, though some additional rest could certainly prevent a more severe injury.

Breaking Bad : si vous n'avez pas encore vu cette série culte, dépêchez-vous, il ne vous reste plus beaucoup de temps sur Netflix ! © Netflix Breaking Bad: if you have not yet seen this cult series, hurry up, you don't have much time on Netflix! Terrible news for Breaking Bad fans. The cult series could very soon desert the Netflix catalog. So hurry to catch up with her, if you haven't seen her yet or want to see her again.

Another bad news for Netflix subscribers. After the withdrawal of the science fiction trilogy Star Trek , taken by Chris Pine , Zachary Quinto and Zoé Saldana, it is another cult program which leaves the catalog of the platform. Thus, Breaking Bad , the series which marked the years 2010 , could soon be farewell on Netflix. In just five seasons, this original creation signed Vince Gilligan, screenwriter of X-Files between 1995 and 2002, won all the votes. Little reminder of history for those who have not followed: Walter White, a chemistry teacher, learns that he is suffering from terminal lung cancer. To ensure the financial future of his family and thanks to his talents as scientists, he will embark on the manufacture of methamphetamine. With the help of his former student, Jesse Pinkman, he will fluctuate his business, becoming one of the most dreaded criminals in New Mexico.

Fans praise Ryan Gosling And Chris Evans's Netflix film The Gray Man

  Fans praise Ryan Gosling And Chris Evans's Netflix film The Gray Man Fans have praised Ryan Gosling And Chris Evans's new Netflix film The Gray Man despite what critics have said. Viewers have claimed it is,' the best ation film' released this year.Viewers have flooded social media with good reviews, claiming it is,' the best ation film' released this year.

Breaking Bad, A cult series to see or review on Netflix

if the American channel series AMC has had so many good feedbacks, it is not only thanks to its script. Indeed, the performances of actors have also been widely praised. Bryan Cranston, whom everyone knew as the somewhat dild in Malcolm , surprised everyone in this role of criminal all in nuances. In five season, he won four Emmy Awards. For his part Aaron Paul, who lent his features to the impetuous Jesse Pinkman, collected three statuettes. Breaking Bad is one of those rare series that have stopped at the height of their success. Indeed, the fifth and ultimate season has made everyone agree: public and criticism included. Will

Netflix delete Breaking Bad from its catalog?

Faced with such a plebiscite, Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, who had also worked on Breaking Bad , decide to make a spin-off on the crooked lawyer of Walter White, Saul Goodman. Better Call Saul was then born in 2015 , two years after the end of its elder. Broadcast on AMC in the United States, the series is also available on Netflix. The last episode of season 6 is expected on August 15. On the Breaking Bad side, Netflix could however part with it by February 10, 2025, the expiration date of the Sony Television license. In the event of a non -renewal of the agreement between Sony Television and Netflix, there would therefore be less than three years for subscribers to discover or binger this masterpiece of the small screen again. On your screens!

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