Entertainment: DRC: Monusco soldiers kill at least people in the territory of Beni

Rajapaksa ally named PM in Sri Lanka as protest site cleared

  Rajapaksa ally named PM in Sri Lanka as protest site cleared COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) — An ally of the Rajapaksa political family was appointed Friday as Sri Lanka's prime minister, hours after security forces cleared the main protest site occupied for months by demonstrators angry at the Rajapaksas over the country's economic collapse. New President Ranil Wickremesinghe, who was elected by lawmakers and sworn into office earlier this week, appointed his school classmate Dinesh Gunawardena to succeed himself. Gunawardena is 73 and belongs to a prominent political family.

soldiers of the United Nations force made this Sunday July 31 on demonstrators at the Kasindi border post, between the DRC and the Uganda, killing at least two and fourteen injured.

The facts occurred this Sunday at the Kasindi border post. Military of the Monusco intervention brigade, returning from leave, forced the passage by pulling towards the people present on the scene. At least two people killed and 14 others injured, according to civil society.

Difficult at this time to understand what could have happened. But this dramatic incident occurs in an extremely tense context. The demonstrations have multiplied in recent days in Beni, Goma, Butembo and other localities, to claim the departure of Monusco. During these demonstrations, 19 people died.

RDC-Des Protes Records Record premises

 RDC-Des Protes Records Record premises Congo-Security/UN: DRC-Des Protesters Record of the UN Goma premises, July 25 (Reuters)-Hundreds of demonstrators attacked Goma on Monday ( East) a warehouse and offices of the UN mission for stabilization in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), demanding the departure of the peacekeepers they accuse of not defending the population.

The UN mission in the DRC quickly reacted this afternoon that it describes as a "serious incident". In a press release , Bintou Keita, his head, said he was "deeply shocked and dismayed". Monusco judges "unspeakable and irresponsible" the behavior of its soldiers who fired. She announces that "the authors of the shooting have been identified and arrested while waiting for the conclusions of the investigation" which, specifies the press release, "has already started with the Congolese authorities".

The mission also ensures that "contacts have been established with the country of origin of these soldiers so that legal proceedings are urgently initiated so that exemplary sanctions are taken as soon as possible".

The Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres underlined "with the greatest firmness" the need to establish responsibility for these events. He also approved "the detention of the military personnel implicated in this incident and the immediate opening of an investigation," said a statement.

by the voice of his spokesperson Patrick Muyay, the Congolese government "condemns and deplores this unhappy incident vigorously".

Opinion: Congo crisis highlights UN's shortcomings .
The Democratic Republic of Congo's resentment of UN peacekeepers is a wake-up call and offers an opportunity for introspection. The UN must change its approach to missions in Africa's hot spots, writes DW's George Okach. After weeks of deadly protests against the UN peacekeeping mission in Congo, MONUSCO, Mathias Gillmann, the mission's spokesman, has beenHowever, even that wasn't enough to appease the furious Congolese. They are demanding that the entire MONUSCO mission immediately leave their country.

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