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from Servus TV to ZDF - new moderator at the start!

 from Servus TV to ZDF - new moderator at the start! Berlin - After a few moderator exits on ZDF, sporty replenishment is now coming in the morning! © provided by Tag24 Amelie Stiefvatter (born 1990) will be the new sports presenter in the "ZDF morning magazine". The Berliner Amelie Stiefvatter will strengthen the sports team in the " ZDF morning magazine " from Monday, August 8, 2022, according to the broadcaster.

The former ZDF correspondent Joachim Jauer is dead. Jauer died on Friday at the age of 82, as ZDF announced on Monday in Mainz. The born Berliner was in his ZDF career for long-time correspondent in the GDR, editor and moderator of the magazine "license plate D" and head of the Berlin State Studio.

  DDR-Experte: Ehemaliger ZDF-Korrespondent Joachim Jauer ist tot © provided by Berliner Zeitung

ZDF editor-in-chief Peter Frey praised Jauer as "bridge builder between east and west". "Joachim Jauer was the man who explained the east for the ZDF viewers for the ZDF viewers," he said. For three decades, he had reported authentic, knowledgeable and from his own view from the GDR.

Jauer was born in Berlin on July 26, 1940, in 1965 he came to ZDF. From 1978 to 1982 he headed the broadcaster's office in the GDR and also lived in East Berlin during this time. He then took over the editorial team of the magazine "license plate D" until 1982. This was followed by three years in the Bonn studio, then another three years as head of the ZDF studio in Vienna and as a correspondent for Eastern Europe. In 1990 he moved back to Berlin to "License plate D". In 1999 Joachim Jauer took over the management of the Berlin ZDF state studio until his departure in June 2002.

In the obituary of ZDF, it was said: on May 2, 1989, he was the only West German television correspondent to report on the breakdown of the border facilities by Hungarian border troops. On this day, Joachim Jauer formulated: “Today, the forty -year division of Europe in East and West ends here. This will have unforeseeable consequences - for Europe, for the Germans in the Federal Republic and especially in the GDR. ”

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