Entertainment: The Jean-Zephirin (large families) compared to “rabbits” after the announcement of the 9th baby, their hilarious answer

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Les Jean-Zephirin (Familles nombreuses) comparés à “des lapins” après l’annonce du 9e bébé, leur réponse hilarante @lafamillejz.officiel les Jean-Zephirin (large families) compared to “rabbits” after the 'Announcement of the 9th baby, their hilarious response already parents of eight children, Raoudha and Stéphane Jean-Zephirin are preparing to welcome their ninth baby. A situation that generates certain criticisms, to which they responded with a lot of propos.

revealed by the program FIGURE FAMILIES: Life in XXL , The Jean-Zephirin tribe had not stolen its place in the TF1-shad program. Indeed, Parents Raoudha and Stéphane , who dream of having ten children, are already at eight and The ninth is on the way to the delight of the mother of only 36 years old! In love for twenty-one years, the couple is the happiest in the world surrounded by their string of toddlers with in order: Maël, Deynis, Timéo, Emma, ​​Lyla-Rose, Maloé, Rubenn and Léandre-born there Just ten months. But this charming little tribe will further grow soon with the arrival, therefore, of a ninth child , as Raoudha announced on Instagram a few weeks ago: " The factory is not yet Closed. Our goal is to have ten children! "

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A complicity of every moment

in an Instagram story published this Friday, August 5, the" JZ "couple answered their detractors in the best way. With great tenderness, Raoudha filmed her husband Stéphane preparing the lunch of the day. Thus, in disarming natural life gestures, she films it while he is mixing a green salad, and we hear the young woman in voice-over: " is my little darling husband who Drawing this afternoon. And here it is, it makes me eat green salad! Diét '! "What the two lovers laugh with good heart, for a moment of complicity that is a pleasure to see.

" Some people say that we are rabbits "

but the scene does not stop there. All smiles, Stéphane raises his head and answers with a second degree completely assumed: " yes, because we eat green salad, because there are some people who compare us to rabbits, therefore: green salad! ", referring to all the many detractors who do not understand that a couple may want a dozen children. Naturally, the latter replica had the consequence of provoking a fou-rire in Raoudha, which we hear excluding ourselves off-champ, for a great moment of lightness and communicative humor.

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