Entertainment: Kiel State Secretary: University checks the allegations of plagiarism

Schuster's expectation: "The same love for defending"

 Schuster's expectation: The 1. FC Kaiserslautern has started the new season. Now for the red devils according to Kiel © Getty Images Dirk Schuster celebrated a opening win against Hannover 96. Zolinski's failure. The emotional opening victory against Hannover 96 (2: 1) gave the Palatinate backwind, confirmed the belief in one's own strength and mentality. But the look goes quickly - the game at Holstein Kiel is waiting.

The Austrian University of Innsbruck checks allegations of plagiarism against the Schleswig-Holstein State Secretary Otto Carstens in connection with his dissertation. In a statement, the CDU politician confirmed a corresponding report by the “Bild” newspaper (Saturday). The procedure is still running. Carstens is a doctor of law.

Justizstaatssekretär Otto Carstens (CDU), steht im Foyer des schleswig-holsteinischen Landtags. © Axel Heimken/dpa/Bildarchiv State Secretary Otto Carstens (CDU), is in the foyer of the Schleswig-Holstein state parliament.

«I wrote my dissertation to the best of our knowledge. That is why I took the first press request as an opportunity to contact the University of Innsbruck and informed it about the allegations in question », says the explanation that the German Press Agency has. "The university then immediately initiated the procedure that is common for allegations of plagiarism and checks my dissertation."

of the “Bild” newspaper, according to its own statements, have the test results of the Luxembourg journalist and plagiarism researcher Jochen Zenthöfer. According to this, Carstens is said to have taken over passages from the online lexicon Wikipedia without labeling.

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