Entertainment: The best recurring characters from 'Friends'

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According to Jim Carrey, he's done enough. A lot of fans beg to differ, as some his classics will live forever.

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In truth, he saved films throughout his career, like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Had it not been for Carrey's comedic acting chops, the film would have sank.

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Along the way, he created lots of relationships. We'll take a look at one that took place during Ace Ventura in 1994 alongside Courteney Cox. There were a few rumors floating around and while Cox didn't get into specifics, she did reveal that sparks were there, at least on her end.

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In addition, we'll take a look at Carrey's connection to Jennifer Aniston and what it was like for the comedy actor to work alongside the Friends star.

Jim Carrey's Career Exploded Following Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Off a budget of $15 million, Jim Carrey solidified his status as a major star in 1994, thanks to the film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. The film made over $107 million at the box office, while turning into a cult-classic.

It served as a launching pad for the careers of both Jim Carrey and Courteney Cox.

To this day, the comedy actor is still asked about rebooting the popular film, however, this doesn't seem to be of interest, unless something really special in terms of script comes along.

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"I think after the fact, when there’s been a lot of years, unless some genius person, director, auteur, comes to you with a completely new take on what's going on—like, if Chris Nolan came to me and said, ‘I wanna make Ace Ventura real, and I wanna do something more interesting,' then I might listen," the actor stated alongside Cinema Blend.

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Not only was the film a major success, but behind the scenes, the cast had a great time working the film, especially due to Jim Carrey's charm. That was especially true for Courteney Cox, as she revealed alongside Howard Stern.

Courteney Cox Revealed To Crushing On Jim Carrey During Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

Alongside Howard Stern, Cox looked back on some memorable moments from her career. One of them, was getting to work alongside Jim Carrey.

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According to the Friends star, Jim was exactly what most would imagine behind the scenes.

"He was so funny; it was just about cracking up all the time," said Cox of Carrey, 59. "I remember when we first rehearsed, he was just playing it straighter. And then he turned it on when we started filming and I thought, 'Oh my God, he's the funniest person."

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When Stern asked if a relationship took place between the two, Cox wisely decided to change subject, leading some to speculate that a relationship might've taken place. Nonetheless, the actress did reveal that she definitely crushed on Carrey and in addition, he also had a softer side not everyone was allowed to see.

"He has another side to him, believe me, that's very serious and actually really intense. But [the comedy] is there all the time," she added.

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Almost a decade later, Carrey would appear in a film alongside another Friends star, this time, Jennifer Aniston.

Jim Carrey Later Worked Alongside Cox's Best Friend Jennifer Aniston

The cast alone was enough to fill out a movie theater on the norm. Back in 2003, Bruce Almighty featured an all star cast which included Jim Carrey, Morgan Freeman, Steve Carell and Jennifer Aniston among others. The film made a staggering $484 million at the box office, massive numbers even for the likes of Aniston and Carrey.

Given their great chemistry as a couple on-screen, the rumor mill wondered if anything romantic took place between Jen and Jim, similar to his relationship with Courteney. However, this was not the case at all, as Aniston was with Pitt at the time. Carrey would even joke around about their relationship back in the day.

"Brad was constantly haranguing me. Did you kiss her, did you kiss her? No, he came around once or twice, very nice gentleman, really cool guy. They make a great couple, really sweet."

He continued, "She’s tremendous. We work well off each other because Jennifer is a completely different person than me. I’m a person who just throws myself out there and does wild stuff and she’s like the center of the wheel. She’s the type of person that can sit there and allow things to come to her. I seek them out and destroy them. It’s a wonderful kind of mix," Carrey stated in his 2003 interview with Black Film.

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