Entertainment: The Most Difficult One-Take Movie Scenes Ever Filmed

Joe Gibbs Racing issues statement about Pocono disqualification

  Joe Gibbs Racing issues statement about Pocono disqualification On Sunday, JGR’s Nos. 11 and 18 cars finished 1-2 at the M&M’s Fan Appreciation 400 at Pocono Raceway. But both cars were disqualified after failing post-race inspections, giving the victory to third-place finisher Chase Elliott. JGR had until midday Monday to appeal NASCAR’s penalties but declined to do so. They issued a statement about the situation and acknowledged the issues with the cars driven by Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch.

One and done? That’s a tall order—but nothing these big-screen wonders can’t handle! It’s not every day movie scenes are shot in a single take, but a handful of the most memorable were incredibly captured on camera in just one shot. Amazing? Yes. Worthy of recognition and applause? Most definitely. From the unforgettable cinematic magic of Sam Mendes’s 1917to the intergalactic issues that Sandra Bullock encounters in Gravity to the epic staircase fight in The Protector (that will probably leave you ducking for cover), these shots required some serious staging, finesse, and precision to create. We’re counting down some of the most difficult one-takes ever filmed, including Creed, Children of Men and more. What’s your favourite one?

Tom Cruise parachutes off a MOUNTAIN to film Mission Impossible 8

  Tom Cruise parachutes off a MOUNTAIN to film Mission Impossible 8 Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur addresses the media during training camp.

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