Entertainment: Sachsen's tourism industry is looking for guests

Passenger spent the night on a sleeper train and woke up to realize it never left the station

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holiday guests: After two years of Corona pandemic, the competition for guests in the Saxon tourism regions this summer broke out again. The guests and overnight stays of before pandemic are often not yet reached, as a survey by the German Press Agency in the tourism regions showed. After the regions have been able to benefit in the past few years that many people have spent their vacation in their homeland because of pandemic, many of them are traveling abroad again this year.

Passagiere warten am Bahnhof auf ihren Zug. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa/symbol image Passengers are waiting for their train at the train station.

"The summer season is going well," said the managing director of Dresden Marketing GmbH, Corinne Miseer. That should be seen in the city and the hoteliers said that too. Nevertheless, in the event of overnight stays and room utilization, the 2019 status has not yet been reached. The minus during the overnight stays in Dresden and the surrounding area in May was almost 20 percent compared to the same month in 2019. The room utilization was 13.6 percentage points lower. In June 2022, the utilization was 68.4 percent, and 78.7 percent in June 2019. The effects of Corona crisis, Ukraine war and inflation are noticeable, said Miseer. Above all, the lack of labor and increasing energy costs were very concerned about the tourists.

Jason Momoa shared photos of himself with Ben Affleck at Warner Bros., teasing that Bruce Wayne may be in 'Aquaman 2'

  Jason Momoa shared photos of himself with Ben Affleck at Warner Bros., teasing that Bruce Wayne may be in 'Aquaman 2' Jason Momoa took to Instagram on Thursday to share photos and video of himself and Affleck on the Warner Bros.' lot and being caught by fans.It was the first Warner Bros. movie in more than a year to be released exclusively to theaters after the studio debuted all of its 2021 films simultaneously on the streaming service HBO Max.

The summer of 2022, according to Miseer, is "clearly dedicated to active vacation." In the city of Dresden and the Elbland region, the guest could choose from hiking to cycling to stand up paddling on the Elbe or off-stinging in the climbing forest. Because of the many sunny days, open-air events 2022 are particularly in demand.

with almost 331 700 overnight stays in Leipzig, May 2022, broke out that from 2019. At that time, around 330 650 overnight stays were counted. The number was already higher in April than in 2019. "If there are no setbacks, 2022 will be a very good year," said the managing director of Leipzig Tourismus and Marketing GmbH, Volker Bremer. Travel freedom and bookings have increased significantly since mid -April. In May, there were tens of thousands of visitors primarily because of the festivals such as the German Choir Festival, the Leipzig Stadtfest, the Wave Gothic or the Leipzig Bachfest. "June and July may also have gone very well from a tourist point of view." The nine euro ticket also had a positive impact, it said. There were many short -term bookings. The Chemnitz Business Development and Development Society MBH has identified

Concerns grow over gun industry’s accountability after CEOs tell Congress they bear no blame in mass shootings

  Concerns grow over gun industry’s accountability after CEOs tell Congress they bear no blame in mass shootings Concerns over the firearm industry’s marketing practices and accountability grew Thursday, prompting more proposed legislation, a day after chief executives of two leading gun manufacturers told Congress they bore no blame in the recent mass shootings. © Provided by NBC News House lawmakers introduced a measure that would direct the Federal Trade Commission to investigate the gun industry’s advertising and marketing practices. It is the latest attempt by federal legislators to hold gun companies responsible after the massacres in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas.

rising guests in the city, especially in the conference and congress area. In the purely tourist area, an interim balance is currently difficult, it said. In the hotels, the observation is made that the German tourists predominate with those from abroad.

in the Ore Mountains is the demand for a summer vacation of a spokeswoman for the tourism association "not so high as we have been able to register in the past year." There are still free places in the hotels, guest houses and private holiday accommodations. Many travelers obviously wanted to spend their annual vacation in more distant areas after two years of pandemic. "We hope for bookings from spending decisions for the coming days," said the spokeswoman. "Especially because of the beautiful summer weather." Outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking are particularly popular.

"We hope to reach the figures from 2019 again during the summer months," said the managing director of the Vogtland Tourism Association, Andreas Kraus. Sustainability and vacation in nature were in trend and the Vogtland with its forests, dams, lakes and natural pools as well as the spas have a lot to offer.

In Saxon Switzerland, the forest fire in the national park stopped the upswing. The tourism association for 2022 was actually hoping for overnight stays such as 2018, 7 percent below the record year 2019. "Saxon Switzerland was well booked, although accommodations were still available in all prices," said Mandy Krebs from the Tourism Association. But the forest fires in the national park and the ban on entering the forests would have changed everything. "So what we urgently need is rain, because without the lifting of the forest support ban, we lack an essential offer, namely hiking."

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