Entertainment: on to Bikini Berlin: Design your own summer cloth from recycled fabrics!

Premier League transfer news live, today! Latest updates on the summer window

  Premier League transfer news live, today! Latest updates on the summer window We are set for a very busy summer of transfer activity, as the latest transfer news keeps flooding in and plenty of big names are expected to be on the move in the coming months. Your browser does not support this video [ VIDEO: Premier League analysis ] The 2022 summer transfer window opens on June 10 and closes at 6pm ET on September 1. With Erling Haaland already signing for Manchester City, Kylian Mbappe staying at PSG (for now), plus Sadio Mane leaving Liverpool — and plenty of other superstars in demand and contemplating moves — this feels like it will be a summer like no other.


  Auf ins Bikini Berlin: Gestalten Sie Ihr eigenes Sommertuch aus recycelten Stoffen! © Bikini Berlin

Circular Fashion in Bikini Berlin: This year's SummerSpecial sets a statement in terms of sustainability and recycling.

"Make old new and beautiful", is the motto of the "summer workshop" in Bikini Berlin. Visitors are allowed for all August: Inside in the atrium of the Berlin Concept Shopping Mall, marvel at an oversized summer cloth installation, which consists of recycled cloth railways.

& Circular Fashion: Design your own summer cloth from old fabrics

To set a statement in terms of sustainability and recycling, Bikini Berlin , together with the "25hours Hotel" and the Fliegel Textile Service , invites you to To design your own summer cloth from recycled textiles of the cooperation partner. Numerous stamps with motifs from the 1950s (the time when the bikini trend) are ready to give the 70 by 70 centimeter summer cloth an individual pattern. By the way,

"Elevator Boy" -Tim Schäcker: Reunion with his Claudia in Berlin

 The first time Tim Schäcker (23) and Claudia Tihan (25) were spotted together at the Coachella Festival in the US state of California in April, after which it went According to "selfies.com", a romantic Maldives vacation was followed by a visit to the Elevator Boys in Claudia's home Canada. Now the influencer is visiting him in Berlin.

is giving away an overnight stay for two people together with the "25hours Hotel" as part of the #Bikiniberlinsummer Circle-Socircline-Summer Circle-Social Media Challenge. We hope you enjoy stamping!

& BIKINI_BERLIN_Sommeraktivierung (1).jpg © bikini Berlin Bikini_Berlin_Sommer activation (1) .jpg BIKINI_BERLIN_Sommeraktivierung (3).jpg © bikini berlin bikini_berlin_sommer activation (3) .jpg LVT_10_ba.jpg © piet-albert Goethals LVT_10_BA.JPG If you love jewelry, you should know this new store in berlin New opening

Designer Lilian von Trapp has a new jewelry store on Kurfürstenstraße in Berlin - minimalist and timelessly like her accessories. We looked at the interior.

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© Jies Cleodore dach_zephir_chive_6.jpg DACH_Zephir_chive_6.jpg Zero Waste: 6 role models for sustainable design recycling design is not a one -way street: recycling, conversion, zero waste designer think in cycles.

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