Entertainment: Demo for Ambitious Fallout 4 Mod ‘Fallout London’ Launches

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There may be some out there who perhaps feel that Fallout 4 was the last good entry in the long-running post-apocalyptic series. With Fallout 76 being considered one of the most disastrous launches in gaming history, up there with Cyberpunk 2077 and No Man's Sky, the 2015 entry is a safe bet for many fans. Much of the reason why it's still going strong today is down to the modding community, and a very ambitious add-on is currently in the works, with a "standalone" version having just been launched.

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Called "Fallout London," this Fallout 4 mod is an aspirational attempt by a team of modders to bring the familiar look and feel of the wasteland to England's capital city. For those who have been anticipating its release, Team FOLON have unveiled a demo, which can be downloaded via Nexus Mods. This release will showcase what the complete version will look like, and it comes with a short quest, as well as the introduction of a new merchant called Nick the Fence. As of this article going live, the developer is still calling out for anyone who feels they can lend a hand in the completion of this project.

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Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any further details about a potential release date for the final version. A recent Fallout London announcement trailer was unveiled, which said the mod will be available some time in 2023. Given that it takes place across the entire city, this could go down as one of the most ambitious Fallout 4 mods ever. The project has even caught the attention of Bethesda itself, which offered a position to Team FOLON's lead technical adviser, Ryan Johnson. Project lead Dean Carter was also offered an official role at the studio, but declined in order to focus on finishing Fallout London instead.

With Todd Howard recently announcing Fallout 5, it's clear that the open-world RPG is by no means done. Whether it will be able to be as successful as the fourth installment, or the ones that came before it, remains to be seen, but no doubt fans are excited about the next entry, whenever that makes its presence known.

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With Bethesda currently concentrating on Starfield, which has been pushed back to next year, it could be a very long time before fans see Fallout 5. In fact, many are still waiting for more information on The Elder Scrolls 6. Hopefully, there will be some announcements soon, but it's likely that the studio's upcoming sci-fi epic is going to take center stage right up until launch day.

Fallout 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Nexus Mods

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