Entertainment: What the Royal Family might look like if Diana was alive today

Brad Pitt reveals a chipped tooth at the UK premiere of Bullet Train

  Brad Pitt reveals a chipped tooth at the UK premiere of Bullet Train The actor, 58, unveiled a chipped tooth on Wednesday evening as he attended the UK premiere for his new thriller Bullet Train at London's Cineworld Leicester Square.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth are both in the middle of filming the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, Furiosa. The film featured Charlize Theron in that role, which she was fantastic. Now, there has been a prequel film that sees Taylor taking on the role of a younger Furiosa. We have been given some great behind-the-scenes shots of both previously mentioned actors in their roles or costumes. The internet sleuths have now found another, this time by showing a good look at Taylor in the titular role. You can see the images below:

One huge distinction that we see is that Anya Taylor-Joy has hair. The Furiosa that we know was completely bald, which could have been a decision she made in her later years. Also, she is wearing a green screen-type wrap on her right arm, which is great considering we know that Furiosa is missing that hand in Max Mad: Fury Road. We have not been given the reason as to why her hand is gone, but we could be seeing that story unfold in the prequel film. Taylor does seem to be in clothing that would suggest that Furiosa is living in a post-apocalyptic world.

Harry Wouldn't 'Have Married Meghan' if Diana Was Alive—Ex Royal Aide

  Harry Wouldn't 'Have Married Meghan' if Diana Was Alive—Ex Royal Aide A former palace press secretary who worked closely with Diana has said that if she were alive today "we would not be going through this" referring to Harry.Speaking to GB News on Friday, Dickie Arbiter—press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II from 1988 to 2000—told the show hosts:

Furiosa is meant to show the woman as a teenager into adulthood, we would presume. That could be why Anya Taylor-Joy was selected to portray the character. She can pull off looking like a younger woman, which is odd cause she also can pull off looking older too. The story will be detailing Furiosa’s journey, and how she eventually became under the employment of Immortan Joe. Interestingly, Nathan Jones is returning to portray Rictus Erectus. He was the machine gun-wielding big guy in Mad Max: Fury Road, and the son of Joe.

Everyone has been wondering what Chris Hemsworth’s role in the film is going to be, as he has been shown on set sporting a wild hairdo and beard. The orange hair makes him look like some sort of glorified lumberjack. He could be what Max is to Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road. However, his character is still a mystery. We know that Anya Taylor-Joy is set to portray Furiosa, but that is about all that is known about the plot. The good news is that George Miller is back in the directing chair. He famously directed the original Max Max trilogy, Mad Max: Fury Road, and now is returning for the prequel. Fury Road was highly successful in that the film won six Academy Awards.

Prince George Has a Casual Nickname for Dad Prince William

  Prince George Has a Casual Nickname for Dad Prince William To most, Prince William is known as "His Royal Highness," but Prince George has a sweet title for his fatherPrince William may have a number of royal titles, but Prince George's nickname for his father might top them all.

Anya Taylor-Joy has a huge slate of films ahead of her. She is set to star alongside huge names that include Robert De Niro, Christian Bale, Chris Rock, Zoe Saldana, Mike Myers, and more in the film called Amsterdam. She is also going to be voicing Princess Peach in the new Super Mario film. She will follow that up by appearing as the star of Furiosa. We honestly can’t wait to see her in all these films. She is quite an amazing actress. There are sure to be more updates as the weeks go on, but for now, we can all start to theorize why her character has hair in the above images.

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