Entertainment: "Free Mentality": NRW politician with sharp criticism-Lindner defends statement

Lindner wants to propose measures to discharge citizens

 Lindner wants to propose measures to discharge citizens Berlin. Tax reduction and a higher child benefit - Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner wants to propose this in order to relieve the citizens in view of the increasing prices. © Christian Spicker Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner has wanted measures to relieve the citizens. In view of the high prices, Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner wants to propose a tax reduction and higher child benefit. This was announced by the FDP politician in Berlin on Wednesday.

according to statements about a supposed "free mentality" and "redistribution" with a view to a possible continuation of the 9-euro ticket, finance minister Christian Lindner (FDP) is still in The criticism. After politicians from SPD, Greens and the Left had already spoken on Monday , critical tones come from NRW towards the FDP politician.

Finanzminister Christian Lindner bemängelt in der Debatte um einen Nachfolger des 9-Euro-Tickets eine „Gratismentalität“ © dpa Finance Minister Christian Lindner criticizes in the debate about a successor to the 9-euro ticket. Christian Lindner criticizes a "free mentality" Thomas Kutschaty: "This is called solidarity" Kutschaty dpa 090822 © dpa kutschaty dpa 090822

The words are linders "Rober allegation", which is dependent on all the judges, "that depends on such a ticket," said the SPD parliamentary group leader in the NRW state parliament, Thomas Kutschaty, to the "WDR". Kutschaty does not see that people who would not benefit directly from the ticket to benefit from it. "This is called solidarity," said the SPD politician and demanded that this aspect should be "a little more in the foreground in the discussion".

SPD and GREEN press FDP for concessions with over -profit tax

 SPD and GREEN press FDP for concessions with over -profit tax SPD and GREEN urge the coalition partner FDP to give up resistance to over -profit tax. "The SPD will take a new attempt to introduce an over -profit tax for corporations that are enriched by the crisis," said party leader Saskia Esken of the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung" on Saturday. Green boss Ricarda Lang said on Sunday on ZDF that such a tax could be financed for citizens in autumn.

NRW Transport Minister Oliver Krischer (Greens) meant Lindner's allegation of a "free mentality" "absurd". The finance minister locked himself with "inconsistent arguments", Krischer also told the "WDR". The Greens politician advocates the reduction of the company car privilege in order to be able to finance a 9-euro ticket successor. "I find this debate very unfortunate," also said Krischer in an interview with this newspaper . "It is totally amazed that the 9-euro ticket is now so reduced by Christian Lindner with terms such as 'unfair' and 'free mentality'."

Christian Lindner defends itself: "I know no concrete ideas"

The finance minister defended his Meanwhile, statements on Tuesday with a speech in the short message service Twitter. The debate needs "facts", wrote Lindner. "I don't know any concrete ideas for the necessary approximately 14 billion euros/year." Fee the users are "necessary and a sensible steering", Lindner explained. "Free is not better! We need limited tax funds for investments in the network infrastructure . ”

Nuclear power plants: Neubaur considers stretching mode to be conceivable

 Nuclear power plants: Neubaur considers stretching mode to be conceivable In the debate about a term extension of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany, NRW Minister of Economics Mona Neubaur (Greens) considers a so-called extension of the Meiler, which should actually be switched off at the end of the year. © dpa NRW Minister of Economics Mona Neubaur (Greens). “It is correct that the Federal Ministry of Economics has a second stress test that is once again considering new eventualities.

appeased his critics, however, Lindner could not with the new speech. However, the FDP politician was promptly held on to Twitter to ignore concrete suggestions. recently had SPD boss Lars Klingbeil for an overweight tax for companies that collected large war profits, recently Pleaded.

The Greens, like now also NRW Minister of Transport Krischer, had pronounced for a nationwide 49 euro ticket as a successor solution for the 9-euro ticket, which is to be financed with circumcisions at the company car privilege. Support for Lindner from German Landkreild

supports Lindner from the meantime from the German District Council. "This would not be a sustainable investment," said P Councilor Reinhard Sager (CDU) on Tuesday. The tariffs of public transport (public transport) are not too expensive compared to the costs of their own car and also do not require any additional subsidization in the current situation. Instead, money should flow into the expansion of public transport offer so that it becomes an "everyday mobility alternative", especially outside the big cities.

At the weekend, Finance Minister Lindner (FDP) had spoken out against a financing from the federal budget for a successor solution of the 9-euro ticket. There would be no funds available in financial planning.

The Minister said that he was not convinced of a "free mentality à la unconditional basic income" even in local public transport. , on the other hand, had spoken out in polls for a cheap successor to the nationwide 9 euro month ticket. It is last offered for August. (with dpa)

according to complaints: Lindner does not exclude the extension of the deadline for property tax data from .
after numerous complaints from owners and tax consultants, Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner complies with an extension of the submission deadline for the declaration of determination for property tax . In response to criticism of a citizen of the Federal Government Day, the FDP boss said on Saturday in the Ministry of Finance: "I also worry about how this is currently going." Lindner added: "Possibly you have to reserve the right to do something again at the deadlines." © dpa (symb

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