Entertainment: Mask Singer, season 4: costumes, first images, new jury… Discover the trailer (video)

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Entertainment animated by Camille Combal will (already) return to TF1 from Tuesday, August 23.

Le divertissement animé par Camille Combal fera (déjà) son retour sur TF1 à partir du mardi 23 août prochain. © Christophe Chevalin - TF1 Entertainment led by Camille Combal will (already) return to TF1 from Tuesday August 23.

is a new XXL season from Mask Singer that TF1 is preparing to broadcast. Three months after the final of season 3 won by the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova, the fourth season has a program loaded with no less than 18 new costumes! Indeed, eighteen personalities - including two international celebrities - have agreed to take up the challenge and will try to leave with the trophy. Look at the trailer, which gives an overview of this new edition and new costumes ...

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among the 18 characters to unmask, the viewers will discover the giant baby, the tamer mouse, the gingerbread man - whose costume is edible! -The pharaoh, the firefighter elephant, the bride whose dress will change every week or the Dalmatian Drag-Queen. But that's not all: the injured celebrity that had abandoned during season 3 will be back in the costume of the monkey. Finally, the crow will be replaced by the spy, which also will have to be unmasked by the public and the jury. The latter was almost completely renewed. Kev Adams, the only historic member, will therefore be accompanied by Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou and Jeff Panacloc. Two investigators will join them as guest star during the competition. Another novelty: children will see celebrities in preview and will give clues to the jurors to help them ...

Find season 4 of Mask Singer from Tuesday August 23, 2022 on TF1.

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