Entertainment: Meghan Markle and Harry Honored: their generosity soon rewarded!

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: "Prince William was jealous of her success"

 Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: in October 2018 Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40, born Meghan Markle) a celebrated trip to Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Tonga. In doing so, they showed themselves from their agricultural side. Meghan, who was pregnant with her first son Archie (3) during the tour, relaxed with her husband on Bondi Beach and chatted with surfers.

Meghan Markle et Harry honorés : leur générosité bientôt récompensée ! © Backgrid USA / Bestimage Meghan Markle and Harry Honored: their generosity soon rewarded! The Archewell Foundation of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will receive a prize for having defended the cause of Afghan refugees, but also for having provided a "generous financial support".

This is good news for the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex ! Indeed, their foundation, Archewell, will be honored for its action in favor of Afghan refugees. The price that will be awarded to New York will not see Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle receive it in hand since the latter will send a representative of their foundation. A breath of fresh air for the grandson of the Queen of England and the former actress after months of controversy between their short appearance in the Jubilee of Elizabeth II , their attacks against the monarchy and the 'legal action launched by Harry against the English government .

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: You endanger the royal family

 Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: You endanger the royal family © GC Images Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan: Unveiling book author: "You are a danger to the royal family" Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40) now have to take a lot. In the revelation book "Revenge", which on July 21. Appearance has been published, reports author Tom Bower (75) about the "war" between the Sussexes and the Windsors. In the British talk show "Talktv" the ex-journalist advertised his book and also found clear words for Duchess Meghan: "She is an intrigant and clever woman".

is the executive director of the Archewell Foundation, James Holt, who will receive the price on their behalf. The couple will also be thanked for their "generous" Donation to Human First Coalition. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were passing through New York last July, the Queen's grandson being a speaker during an event organized by the UN. A speech that had spoken a lot as it was political.

Meghan Markle would not have been snubbed by Queen

, another controversy has been talked about in recent days. Indeed, on the occasion of Meghan Markle's 41 years on August 4, the Queen did not posse her traditional birthday message on her social networks. An silence which has only reinforced the rumors of severe blurring between the Sussex and the royal family. However, the royal correspondent of Daily Express, Richard Palmer, indicated on August 9 that This absence of a message would be the result of a change in the queen's policy.

Meghan and Harry humiliated by the royal family: a big argument broke out!

 Meghan and Harry humiliated by the royal family: a big argument broke out! © Julien Burton / Bestimage Meghan and Harry humiliated by the royal family: a big argument broke out! The sulphurous British biographer book Tom Bower, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsor, unveils a "monumental" quarrel held on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Day ceremony. was to be a party day. He was spoiled, in any case for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry .

For him, the royal family “will not mark the birthdays of family members who do not work only when they end in zero.” Meghan Markle therefore emerged from this new rule. The announcement of this price for their foundation makes it possible to highlight the couple's work within it. They are not the only ones to receive an , the American senator Richard Blumenthal will also receive the Haji Abdul Rauf Service Award for having defended the cause of refugees and Afghan asylum seekers.

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