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Premier League transfer news live, today! Latest updates on the summer window

  Premier League transfer news live, today! Latest updates on the summer window We are set for a very busy summer of transfer activity, as the latest transfer news keeps flooding in and plenty of big names are expected to be on the move in the coming months. Your browser does not support this video [ VIDEO: Premier League analysis ] The 2022 summer transfer window opens on June 10 and closes at 6pm ET on September 1. With Erling Haaland already signing for Manchester City, Kylian Mbappe staying at PSG (for now), plus Sadio Mane leaving Liverpool — and plenty of other superstars in demand and contemplating moves — this feels like it will be a summer like no other.

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram © Provided by People Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

It turned out Chris Hemsworth wasn't always a fan of Thor!

In honor of his 39th birthday on Friday, the Australian superstar took a trip down memory lane by posting a throwback photo of himself as a child wearing a Batman costume, flashing a sweet smile on his face.

"My younger self would be so disappointed in my superhero choices ???? ⚡️," he wrote in the Instagram caption.

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The post revealed Hemsworth — known for depicting the beloved God of Thunder superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for over a decade — was a fan of the iconic DC Comics character during his younger days.

The head of Trump's protective detail, there when the former president wanted to be taken to the Capitol on January 6, is among the 24 Secret Service members whose January 5 and 6 texts are missing

  The head of Trump's protective detail, there when the former president wanted to be taken to the Capitol on January 6, is among the 24 Secret Service members whose January 5 and 6 texts are missing While the USSS is comprised of approximately 3,200 agents total, DHS requested communication from just two dozen agents.Robert Engel, Trump's lead agent, and James Murray, the outgoing director of the Secret Service, who is leaving on July 30 for a new role at Snapchat, are two of the 24 agents whose messages from December 7, 2020, through January 8, 2021, were requested as part of an inspector general probe into the agency's response on January 6, 2021, and whose messages cannot be found.

Last month, the Avengers actor shared another anecdote regarding the character revealing that his brother Liam Hemsworth was "almost" cast as Thor.

Speaking with MensXP, Chris was asked about exploring the Multiverse in future MCU movies and potentially interacting with alternate variants of his Thor character onscreen. He suggested Liam, 32, could be a cool casting.

"In this film, it's not something we explore," he said of the Multiverse not being central to the new movie Thor: Love and Thunder's plot. "But who knows if there is more in the future as you say it has opened up multitudes of options we can head in or be taken in."

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How Donald Trump Contaminated the Secret Service

  How Donald Trump Contaminated the Secret Service So, the texts and emails are lost. Those same texts and emails the Secret Service first said didn’t exist. Now they say there did exist, kind of, but don’t any longer. Except, news flash, they do. When the eventually show up, which they will, the questions being asked today should be answered. Such as, why is it that only the texts and emails dated Jan. 5 and 6 went missing? As any experienced investigative journalist knows, there is no such thing as coincidence.Then, how come the Secret Service hasn’t been up front about it? That answer we already know. The second pillar of investigative journalism is: Everybody lies.

"My little brother almost got cast as Thor. He was one of the first people who got right down to the wire on getting the part so, I don't know, I could cross paths with him. That will be fun," he said with a laugh about possibly sharing the screen with Liam, both as versions of Thor.

In an episode of Wired's "Autocomplete Interview" in June, Chris recalled not getting a callback for the Thor role at first, guessing, "I think my audition sucked. I think that was the response I got."

Then, he said, Liam took a stab at the audition — and got "very close" to landing the part, down to the "last five people" being considered.

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"They were like, 'Look, he's great, but he's a bit young.' My manager then said, 'Well, he does have an older brother,' which was me," said Chris. "I came back in, re-auditioned a few times and just had a different attitude. Maybe I had a little more sort of motivation that my little brother got a look in and I hadn't. I also had done a couple of films in between those two auditions, so I had a bit more experience and confidence in what I was going to do."

Chris debuted as the hero in 2011's Thor. Liam, meanwhile, landed the role of Gale in another big franchise, The Hunger Games, starting with the first of four installments in 2012.

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