Entertainment: Brutal death of young actress Marion Campan (OPJ)

Marion Rousse, La Grande Emotion

 Marion Rousse, La Grande Emotion provided by Sports.fr Marion Rousse After commenting on the Tour de France for France Télévisions, Marion Rousse chained Sunday with her second cap, that of director of the Tour de France women. The return is calendar of this competition is great news for female cycling, and the former champion of France can only rejoice. "I see myself when I was a kid at the age of 6, when I started to compete ...

The body of actress Marion Campan was discovered lifeless on August 15 at her home in Saint-Paul in Reunion. If the causes of death have not yet been revealed, the drama scene lets the worst fear.

Le corps de l’actrice Marion Campan a été découvert sans vie le 15 août dernier à son domicile de Saint-Paul à la Réunion. Si les causes de la mort n’ont pas encore été dévoilées, la scène du drame laisse craindre le pire. © Ronan Lechat - FTV - Terence Films The body of actress Marion Campan was discovered lifeless on August 15 at her home in Saint -Paul in Reunion. If the causes of death have not yet been revealed, the drama scene lets the worst fear.

The Opj family is in mourning. The Reunionese police series, broadcast on the Overseas Network the first (belonging to France Télévisions) as well as on France 3, has just lost one of its representatives. As local newspapers reveal, including The daily of Reunion and the Indian Ocean , actress Marion Campan died on August 15 in Saint-Paul. According to the Info.re , a judicial investigation was opened to determine the causes of death. Investigators would currently favor the cause of suicide. According to some media, which announced the sad news (and in particular Free Dom

Marion Rousse has problems

 Marion Rousse has problems supplied by Sports.fr Marion Rousse after eight years to follow the Tour de France from a commentator cabin-or in a motorhome, in July 2021, a few weeks after the birth of Nino, Marion Rousse has discovered another observation position since Monday. As close as possible to the race. The director of the Tour de France women follows the race from the red car reserved for the direction of the race, like Christian Prudhomme on the Tour de France. Marion Rousse is on known ground in his car.

), the young woman was found hanging at home with her dog's leash when she was to fly a few days later for the metropolis.

To repatriate Marion Campan's body in mainland France, his sister Chloé launched a call for donations on August 16. “ as you were able to discover Marion left us yesterday on August 15. This is very hard to pass via networks and to expose themselves so, but today I make this choice alone and reluctantly. Our whole family, as well as his friends are wiped out and I am sorry not to respond to the many messages, but it remains complicated to this day. I am launching a call here. His body will be repatriated to France in the coming days. Between our parents who are going to move and things to prepare. If you want to participate in any way it may be in all this organization I attach this message to you a link to help us

Cycling - Tour de France 2022 (F): A positive assessment for Marion Rousse

 Cycling - Tour de France 2022 (F): A positive assessment for Marion Rousse © Panoramic Marion Rousse Tour de France Women 20220724 Director of the Tour de France Women, Marion Rousse assured that the first edition of the test A was up to expectations, despite training taken at the disparate level. The first Tour de France women is coming to an end. While the survivors will have to face the climb to the super boards of beautiful girls this Sunday at the end of the event, its director Marion Rousse has drawn a positive assessment of this week of competition.

, "she wrote by posting the link of a kitty that has already made it possible to collect more than 18,000 euros.

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The late actress had joined Pacific South in season 2 to play the role of Joséphine Fleury, The medical examiner on the island. A character she had just resumed for season 4 whose filming has just ended. " In line 3 lines, for which the series used 86 secondary roles, more than 500 extras and 96 local technicians, the team remains mainly Reunion"

, underlined the press release announcing last May filming.

carried by Yaëlle Trulès (Commander Clarissa Hoarau) and Antoine Stip (Captain Gaspard Watson), the series welcomed many guests including Olivier Marchal, Arié Elmaleh and, in season 3, Lola Dewaere and Thomas Jouannet.

All our condolences to Marion Campan's family.

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