Entertainment: Jonah Hill: US actor no longer wants to advertise his films - because of his anxiety, Jonah Hill has been suffering from anxiety attacks that are strengthened by media appearances for almost 20 years. The actor and director now wants to appear less often

Here is what Voldemort should look like to be faithful to books

 Here is what Voldemort should look like to be faithful to books © supplied by MadmoiZelle artists revealed the terrifying face that Voldemort should have had whether the films had been more faithful to the books. In 2006, I discovered Harry Potter and the Fire Cup on TV. When Voldemort appeared in its final form, I was so afraid that I launched a shoe on the screen before running. Certainly, I was 8 years old. However, I never stopped thinking that Voldemort is one, if not the most terrifying character in the history of cinema . really .

  Jonah Hill: US-Schauspieler will seine Filme nicht mehr bewerben - wegen seiner Angstattacken © Christoph Soeder/ dpa Jonah Hill partially withdraws from the spotlight. The actor and director would no longer want to advertise his films at public events in the future. The 38-year-old wrote this in an open letter. Hill is known for films like "War Dogs",

"The Wolf of Wall Street"


"to win art - Moneyball" . His achievements as the main and secondary actor brought him nominations for the Golden Globe and the Oscar. Most recently, Hill was seen in the film "Don’t Look Up" . He directed the youth drama »Mid90s« , for which he also wrote the script. The mirror summarizes the most important news of the day for you: what was really important today - and what it means. Your daily newsletter update at 6 p.m. Subscribe now free of charge

The Untold Truth Of The Man From Toronto

  The Untold Truth Of The Man From Toronto The Man from Toronto has a variety of behind the scenes details that fans might have missed. Here's the untold truth of the film.The film hit Netflix in June of 2022 and quickly rose in popularity among the streaming giant's own offerings. Little do most know that the film has had a troubled production timeline due to a confluence of events, such a lead actor backing out of the project as well as COVID-19 interfering with the film's projected schedule and platform. Those who enjoyed the film might be delighted to know, however, that the director mentioned in an interview with Netflix Life that he is hopeful for a continuation of what "The Man from Toronto" started.


his new film "Stutz" helped him to find this knowledge. The documentary is about Hill and his therapists. The actor wants to show the audience what he learned in his therapy.

He had recognized "by traveling self -discovery" in the film that he has been suffering from anxiety attacks for almost 20 years. Media appearances strengthened the attacks. Hill was grateful that the film will celebrate premiere at a festival in autumn. "However, you won't see me out there to promote this film or one of my upcoming films." He will make it his own protection.

Jonah Hill Hated McLovin Actor After His First Superbad Audition .
Judd Apatow recalls Jonah Hill detesting McLovin actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse during an early Superbad audition, and explains why he was still cast.Although most of them had already been acting for years, the 2007 teen comedy was a breakout film for much of the cast, including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Emma Stone. Perhaps the film's biggest breakout character, however, was Fogell, a.k.a. McLovin, who was played by Mintz-Plasse. While ostensibly a story about Hill and Cera's characters' friendship, Fogell steals just about every scene he's in as their dorky classmate with an outsized sense of cockiness and a fake I.D.

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