Entertainment: Fate: The Winx Saga - 10 Things We Know So Far About Season 2

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Season 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga is coming soon to Netflix and a special sneak peak of the new episodes has been released. In a Youtube video uploaded by the show, several of the actors and production show talk about what fans can expect from the second installment.

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The video also offers up a few short clips from the new season and finally reveals the release date. Several new characters and exciting plot developments have been teased which will leave fans eager to return to Alfea.

Most Of The Fan Favorites Are Back

The first season of the show introduced several live-action counterparts to the original characters from the cartoon series. Most of these characters are back for the second installment, including Bloom and her friends and their respective love interests.

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Several of the teachers from Alfea are also back, although, some of them look a little different this time around. If the video is anything to go by, the friendships will get even stronger, with one sweet moment showing a group hug between the girls. It will be interesting to see how the friendships and relationships introduced previously will develop, and many fans will be hoping some of the more underused characters like Musa and Aisha will get more screen time this time around.

Flora Is Joining The Show

Some fans were disappointed when the character of Flora from the cartoons was seemingly swapped out for Terra in the live-action show. However, Flora will be introduced in the new season as Terra's cousin, who is one of the most intelligent characters from Fate: The Winx Saga.

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In the behind-the-scenes video, actress Paulina Chávez teases her character's powers. In the cartoon, Flora is a nature fairy, like Terra, so fans will be intrigued to see how her powers will differ from her cousin. Also, it'll be interesting to see which of the girls welcome Flora into the group and which feel threatened by her arrival, just as Stella did with Bloom.

New Monsters

Actress Eliot Salt, who plays Terra in the show, teases some new monsters for the second season. While the appearance and motives of these monsters are being held back at the moment, Salt does offer a few hints.

Some of these new monsters coming in are called The Scrapers. Although this doesn't reveal much, there are creatures with the same name in the cartoon, where they are bug-like creatures who can transform into larger monsters. The show could use this concept for The Scrapers or may just be borrowing the name. The Blood Witches are also going to show up in the second season which is exciting as they are heavily mentioned in the first season.

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Aisha May Have A New Love Interest

Aisha is one of the more underused characters in the first season and is shown struggling to master her powers on a couple of occasions. When comparing the Winx Saga to the animated show, Aisha has similar interests in both, but she is blunter and lacks self-confidence in the show. That being said, the video hints that she may have a new love interest in the second season.

Brandon Grace will be joining the character Sebastian, who appears to be a new Specialist at Alfea. According to the video, a lot of his scenes will be with Aisha which suggests a friendship and possibly even a relationship will develop between the pair.

New Character Sebastian

Another new character joining the show is Sebastian, played by Éanna Hardwicke. Very little has been revealed about the character other than he is from Blackbridge, the local village outside Alfea.

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Sebastian could be an ordinary boy that becomes embroiled with the main characters, possibly becoming a love interest for one of the regulars. Alternatively, he might be a new student at Alfea or even one of the new villains cryptically teased in the behind-the-scenes video. Fans will have to wait and see who Sebastian is and how he fits in with the rest of the characters.

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Two Characters Have Been Recast

Two of the show's original characters have been recast ahead of their reappearance in season 2. Rosalind, who has some of the strongest magical abilities in The Winx Saga, takes over Alfea at the end of season 1. While Lesley Sharp portrays the character here, Miranda Richardson will be taking over the role for the second outing.

Terra and Sam's father has also been recast for the new season with Daniel Betts taking over the role. It will be interesting to see if the characters change with the new actors and whether there will be a fantastical in-universe reason for the recasts.

Rosalind Is Still In Charge Of Alfea

Rosalind didn't exactly take over Alfea under normal circumstances at the end of the first season. During a confrontation with Headmistress Dowling, she kills her suddenly and then takes over her role at the school. The behind-the-scenes video which introduces Richardson in the role suggests that Rosalind is still reveling in the power of being headmistress.

She is seen teaching a class, advising that they can use their emotions to channel their powers. As Rosalind is such a complex character, she could certainly prove a massive threat to Bloom and the other students in season 2.

More Scenes Between Musa And Riven

The characters of Musa and Riven barely cross paths in the first season. Musa builds friendships with the other girls and starts a relationship with Terra's brother, Sam while Riven is intertwined in a complicated romance with Beatrix and Dane.

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The behind-the-scenes video shows Musa and Riven interacting more, including an intense training scene between the pair. As their cartoon counterparts are romantically linked, the show might go down this route too. This development could help viewers to learn more about both characters and could even pave the way for a new romance for Sam with either Beatrix and/or Dane.

The Big Question For Season 2

Showrunner Brian Young discusses the focus of the second season in the behind-the-scenes video. He says that the big question for season one was 'who am I?' Bloom's journey of self-discovery is key to the first season as she discovers she's a changeling and learns to fit in at Alfea.

Young goes on to say that the big question this time around will be, 'who am I going to be when I grow up?' This suggests that the main characters will be musing over their futures including their education, their career, and where their loyalties lie in the grand scheme of things.

The Release Date

Arguably the most exciting reveal in the first-look video is the release date for season 2. The entire season will officially drop on Netflix on September 16th 2022, so the wait is almost over.

The first season of the Winx Saga deals with several deep issues alongside teenage drama and fantastical battles. Hopefully, the new season will continue this trend of blending these differing themes. With favorites returning and exciting new characters coming into the mix, many fans will be sitting down to binge the whole season when upon its release.

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