Offbeat: Video. In China, the impressive images of a skyscraper ravaged by a violent fire

Biden sets up post-election 'fight' as he drags out China tariffs decision

  Biden sets up post-election 'fight' as he drags out China tariffs decision President Joe Biden is reportedly holding back a decision on whether to lift tariffs on goods from China, which are supported by populist Republicans and some Democrats, ahead of a high-stakes election. Those in favor of keeping the Trump-era tariffs in place say they have been successful in moving supply chains out of China, with the issue becoming a flashpoint in the race for control of Congress. In the battleground state of Ohio, where Biden traveled Friday, Rep. Tim Ryan (D) has urged the president to keep the tariffs in place.

Aucun bilan humain n’a pour le moment été publié. Twitter/Frontlinestory © Twitter/Frontlinery No human assessment has yet been published. Twitter/Frontlinery in China, the flames ravaged this Friday a skyscraper from the big city of Changsha in the center of the country. The fire, now off, has hit the building of the telephone operator China Telecom in this city which has 10 million inhabitants. The images broadcast by CCTV public television showed immense and powerful orange flames ravaging a whole side of the building, which has 42 levels on the surface. On videos broadcast on social networks, you can see extremely dense black smoke escaping from the building and passers -by to escape in order to avoid being affected by incandant debris fallen from the sky. "According to a preliminary investigation," the fire "declared himself on an outside wall of the building," said firefighters in the province. "The fire was extinguished and no victim was found," they said, saying that he had received the first appeal to help at 3:48 p.m. (07:48 GMT). "The fire was extinguished around 4:30 pm" and "Communications (telephone) have not been interrupted," said China Telecom, confirming the absence of a victim at the moment. The construction of the skyscraper had been completed in 2000, according to CCTV. This relative modernity of the building could partly explain the absence of a victim at the moment, anti-fire exercises being regularly practiced in the buildings of major cities. However, fatal fires occur regularly in China, where the sometimes lax application of the safety instructions and illegal constructions can complicate the evacuation of a fire building. In June 2021, in the province of Henan, in the center of the country, The fire of a martial arts school had killed 18 , most of the students aged seven to 16.

Japanese leader's trip to China in '72 was diplomatic gamble .
TOKYO (AP) — The Japanese leader who normalized relations with China 50 years ago feared for his life when he flew to Beijing for the high-stakes negotiations at the height of the Cold War, according to his daughter, a former Japanese foreign minister. Kakuei Tanaka's mission to normalize relations with China just two months after taking office was a huge gamble, his daughter, Makiko Tanaka, said in an interview with The Associated Press ahead of the 50th anniversary Thursday of the historic communique that Tanaka signed with his counterpart, Zhou Enlai.

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