Offbeat: Director salaries: Lindner demands salary lid at the public service broadcast

Lindner about directors: More salary than Chancellor

 Lindner about directors: More salary than Chancellor Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has critically commented on the salaries of the director of the public service broadcast. "At the top of the public law, it is sometimes deserved enormously," said the FDP politician of "Bild am Sonntag". «I am against every debate in Neid, but no director should earn more than the Chancellor. A commitment is necessary here to sparingly deal with the money of the fee payer.

"no director should earn more than the Federal Chancellor," said the finance minister. Some broadcasters are currently under pressure for waste of money and nepotism.

  Intendanten-Gehälter: Lindner fordert Gehaltsdeckel beim öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunk © IMAGO/XCITEPRESS Lindner demands salary lids at public service broadcast

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner demands a salary cover for top staff in public service broadcasting. "I am against every debate on the envy, but no director should earn more than the Chancellor. Here, a commitment is necessary to use the money of the fee payer sparingly," said the FDP boss of Bild am Sonntag .

Lindner also spoke out for a reform in the number of employees in the management and on the management levels. "Overall, the executive floors and administrations should become slimmer in order to pay the editors appropriately instead who do the content," said Lindner.

The bazooka of the energy crisis: The gas price lid would be hesitated to agree with the urgently needed signal

 The bazooka of the energy crisis: The gas price lid would be hesitated to agree with the urgently needed signal Lindner. Basically right - but in the current crisis, the euros in the state treasury are not the most important currency. © Photo: dpa/Attila Volgyi/Xinhua Gas lines with shut -off valves and pressure gauges lead into a natural gass storage. in the corona crisis was the most important currency of politics. As long as citizens and companies have believed that the state manoved them well through the crisis, is previously accepted by unthinkable restrictions , according to the thought.

Lindner's demand for capping is the more liberal variant of a push that last from Bavaria's CSU Prime Minister Markus Söder and the Union's parliamentary group leaders. Accordingly, you should shorten the salaries of director to 190,000 euros or adapt the level of ministers or state secretaries. The public service broadcasting is currently under massive pressure

Chancellor Olaf Scholz deserves with the combination of chancellor's remuneration and MPs currently around 362,000 euros. WDR director Tom Buhrow has 413,000, ZDF director Norbert Himmler to 372,000 euros. Buhrow, who is also a provisional ARD chairman, recently emphasized in a press conference, in the 413,000 euros, which he received as a basic salary in 2021, that

has dispensed with increases several times . He also waived income from supervisory boards.

The public service broadcasting has come under massive in recent weeks.

RBB director and ARD chairman Patricia Schlesinger had resigned after allegations of the nepotism and a waste of money . Shortly afterwards, Sabine Rossbach, the head of the Hamburg NDR state radio house, also cleared her post for the time being. Among other things, she is accused of having favored family members what they deny. Previously, two NDR managers in Kiel had their offices rest. There are allegations of political influence there.

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