Offbeat: Sea idyll at the rider's house

Oceans rise, houses fall: The California beach dream home is turning into a nightmare

  Oceans rise, houses fall: The California beach dream home is turning into a nightmare Museums in New York that exhibit artworks looted by Nazis during the Holocaust are now required to let the public know about that dark history through signs or placards put on display with the stolen objects. (Sept. 15) (AP Video: Robert Bumsted)

  Meer-Idylle am Reiterhaus © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Meer idyll at the riding house

Ostsee flair on one of the oldest surrounding houses in Upper Lusatia? The recording on the left was made on April 1, 1987, but it was not an April joke. The Baltic Sea Schilf was used to roof cover the striking listed building in Neusalza-Spremberg.

In 1993 you could also observe roofers from a company from Peitz in such non -everyday work. Four years later, the slate roof was completely renewed by a local roofing company with a Hungarian fine beer (center). But not only the roof has been in the past decades, the preservation efforts of the Spreestadt and volunteer monument protectors. Wooden components were renovated, old half -timbering was uncovered and granted. The house foundation had to be stabilized.

also remembered a renovation of 1983/84, which lasts one and a half years. Shortly before that, the right photo was taken on Fernverkehrstraße 96 (F 96), today's B 96, a Wartburg 311 camping.

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