Offbeat: “It will help us”: Delphine Colas' method (large families) so that everyone helps household chores

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“Ça va nous aider” : la méthode de Delphine Colas (Familles nombreuses) pour que tout le monde aide aux tâches ménagères © Capture Instagram screen @family.colas “It will help us”: the Delphine Colas method ( Large families) so that everyone helps household chores this Thursday, September 22 in Familles: Life in XXL, broadcast on TF1, Delphine Colas revealed her technique so that all her children participate in cleaning and daily maintenance of the House.

In the new episode of the Family Families program: Life in XXL , broadcast this Thursday, September 22 on TF1, Delphine Colas unveiled the trick she set up so that all her tribe participates in tasks Housewives at home, she very seriously calls the "Family interests". The Colas being numerous (7 members within the home), these daily missions quickly become "very heavy" and take "of time" , so that the young mother decided, "to fluidify A little all that ", to use " sheets ".

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A Precise and Functional Table

on them, each member of the family can register his name when he has done a task, like that of getting rid of the table after meals for example, in Make bearings so that no one is penalized and only do the others. "Before, they got rid of the little happiness a little, and in the end, it was always the same who got rid of. So now we have a painting", explained Delphine Colas, convinced that it is also very important For education: "" Having parents who, from all the youngest age, tell you: 'Wait my coconut, you have finished eating. Your plate will not fly away, you have to get rid of!' I think it's an asset for them. " The one who is a photographer by profession and former college professor , aims to make "conscience" take place in his little ones that "must participate" every day in the maintenance of the house , whether they like it or not. An opinion shared by her husband Olivier, who declared during the meal concerning the use of other sheets related to other non -nominative missions: "I think it is the volunteer sheet because It shows the children that we see who does it for himself. "

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An "Point at the end of the week" To verify the efforts made by each

in an interview, Delphine Colas revealed that this second table had been put in place because the first "had become an object of disputes" between His children, taking the example of storage of clean dishes, since the machine turns twice during the day. "You have to empty the dishwasher once or twice a day, every day and it was always the same ones, namely Olivier, me and Louise" , she said, indicating So it is up to her children to register their names on the sheet when they did. "It allows you to make a point at the end of the week and to say: 'It is unfair, it is not normal that in a large family like ours it is always the same people who stick there' " , chained the mother. Not enough to convince Selena, her teenager, who says herself "not at all voluntary" and does not "do not think" of daily household chores that there is to perform every day.

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