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Scholz wants to counteract from Un Russian propaganda

 Scholz wants to counteract from Un Russian propaganda Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), Russian propaganda in connection with the war of attack against Ukraine in his first speech before the UN General Assembly. © Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa will speak next Tuesday evening before the UN General Assembly: Olaf Scholz.

The journey of Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the Golf region makes it clear how much Germany needs a coherent policy towards the self -confident monarchs, says Loay Mudhoon.

Provided by Deutsche Welle © Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Picture Alliance Provided by Deutsche Welle

Before the start of by Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz to the Golf region, the federal government tried to dampen the expectations of the trip. The journey of the German Prime Minister to Saudi Arabia , the united Arab Emirates and according to Qatar - to the new epicenter of global energy policy - should not become "a pure energy shopping tour", it was said from government circles in Berlin.

Putin warns of ‘serious response’ to Ukraine ‘terror acts’

  Putin warns of ‘serious response’ to Ukraine ‘terror acts’ After military gains by Ukrainian forces, Russian leader pledges to ‘end restraint’ and intensify ‘special operation’.Putin remained steadfast despite strong evidence that his forces incurred heavy losses in the Ukraine counteroffensive this month.

But this well -founded caution cannot hide the fact that the federal government is under massive pressure to succeed. Because the German economy urgently needs

reliable and cheap alternatives for gas and oil imports from Russia that have failed after the Russian attack on Ukraine. The golf states have these resources, their young Emire and prince know about their suddenly increased meaning - and they are increasingly self -confident . New Epicentrum of World Policy This new awareness is the Saudi

Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman

, or MBS for short, like no other statesman in the Middle East. The factual sole ruler in Riyad makes surviving his rehabilitation as satisfaction after years of international isolation and ostracism after the US and Turkish secret services had blamed for the hideous murder on the renowned Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi .

What is known about the official apartment in the Chancellery

 What is known about the official apartment in the Chancellery Berlin/Düsseldorf. Chancellor Olaf Scholz has had to go out of the Corona quartanta since Monday. He works from the official apartment in the Chancellery. What is known about the apartment. © Bernd von Jutrczenka The Federal Chancellery in Berlin. The news caused a sensation. Since a coronate test has been positive with Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), the German Prime Minister has been in isolation in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin.

Loay Mudhoon leitet das Dialogportal © Provided by Deutsche Welle Loay Mudhoon leads the dialog portal . In view of the new geopolitical realities with the Ukraine decline, the power-conscious and


MBS should not only be concerned with personal recognition, but rather that Saudia -Arabia under his leadership as a leading power in a new, plural world order is taken seriously. By the way: The fact that Saudia-Arabia's Crown Prince undoubtedly has become a sought-after statesman on the global stage, numerous visits by Western politicians in Raid.

US President Joe Biden

and the British ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson have already visited the heartland of Islam this year. French President Emmanuel Macron received MBS in the Elysée Palace in July. It is therefore important that yesterday's handshake between Scholz and Muhammad Bin Salman now also ends the ice age between Germany and Saudi Arabia. The Federal Republic is currently simply dependent on solid and functioning work relationships with Riad. The indication that it is difficult partners that you meet at the Golf convinces little, because autocrats were actually never simple partners.

Scholz spends entire corona isolation in the Chancellery

 Scholz spends entire corona isolation in the Chancellery Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) spends his entire corona isolation time in the Chancellery. The small apartment there "offers itself because I can do well from here," said Scholz, who normally lives in Potsdam, in an interview with the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung". © Marcus Brandt/dpa Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been positively tested for the coronavirus. He has everything he needs there.

new golf policy necessary

no question, the federal government wants to develop

energy cooperations

with Riad, Abu Dhabi and Doha - the faster, the better. The goal is clearly defined: German energy supply further diversify and prevent dependence on a partner. This is a painful but necessary lesson from the failed Russia policy of the past 20 years. , however, is not enough to view this need to provide convincing and above all sustainable answers to the energy policy challenges of the near future. Rather, it is necessary to formulate a new, German golf policy. The magic word is obvious: diversification. After all, not only Germany is located, but also all golf states, especially the heavyweight of Saudi Arabia, looking for a partner!

This is exactly where a new German politics should start against the golf monarchies: All golf states need German know-how, not only when diversifying their own economic systems, and they also rely on western technologies when realizing gigantic modernization projects. The clear commitment to one's own economic interests should prove to be targeted. Of course, this does not necessarily have to contradict the necessary search for common interests and the German "commitment to a regular international order". It simply looks more credible than the usual, pious Sunday speeches that are held on human rights in the European capitals.

Author: Loay Mudhoon

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