Offbeat: In Strasbourg, museums will remain closed two days a week to save energy

North German area countries want electricity price zones

 North German area countries want electricity price zones The northern German area countries speak out for a division of Germany into different price zones during electricity. According to a report by the “Welt am Sonntag”, the countries want to ensure more justice in electricity prices. "If I live or produce where the energy is also produced or landed, this energy must also be cheaper there," Lower Saxony's Minister of Energy Olaf Lies (SPD) is quoted. The north has been wearing the main load of the energy transition for years.

  A Strasbourg, les musées resteront fermés deux jours par semaine pour faire des économies d’énergie © Copyright 2022, L'Obs

The Town Hall of Strasbourg persists and signs. Museums will remain closed two days a week. They will also open an hour less, until the beginning of January according to the town hall, as reported by France Bleu Alsace . In question: the lack of staff and the increase in gas prices because of the war in Ukraine. Put on the agenda of the municipal council on Monday, September 26, where it was debated for the first time, the question agitated the debates for almost an hour.

Strasbourg in the process of "downgrading"?

The elected representative Pierre Jakubowicz (horizons), depositary of a resolution against the measure which he hoped to have canceled following the debate, denounced the lack of clarity on the causes of this closure and the making of this decision middle of summer.

Strasbourg. A young woman struck by a car, a call for witnesses launched

 Strasbourg. A young woman struck by a car, a call for witnesses launched © Franck Dubray / Archives Ouest-France The police launch a call for witnesses after an accident on Sunday September 25, 2022 in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). Illustration photo. Sunday September 25, 2022, around 6:30 a.m., a 22-year-old young woman was overthrown by a car in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin). The motorist would have rolled on his ankles before fleeing. The police launched a call for witnesses to find the driver and determine the exact circumstances of the accident.

He was supported by former Minister of Culture Catherine Trautmann, who had already split an open letter against the mayor, Jeanne Barseghian, where she says he fears "the downgrading of the city". The elected PS denounced on France Bleu Alsace an ideologization of the cultural question by a municipality "which says on the left".

An "untenable" situation

According to the first assistant Syamak Agha Babaei, the "true nature of the problem" is the abolition of 17 positions in museums - and to qualify in passing the reproaches of Catherine Trautmann and the questions of " Figaro On the use of agents-ambassadors in museums, in a long investigation published on Sunday, of "lies" and "untruths".

To justify his decision, the mayor of Strasbourg describes untimely closures in museums at the heart of summer, the needs of temporary workers who cost expensive, and a price of gas multiplied by six which will have finished making the situation "untenable" .

Growing heat waves make geothermal energy vital to reducing grid demand

  Growing heat waves make geothermal energy vital to reducing grid demand Heat waves are more common, longer lasting and more extreme. That puts added pressure on the electricity grid in America and requires us to think about underutilized sources of renewable energy. The leading candidate for prioritization is geothermal ground source energy, which, like solar energy, can be used by homeowners, commercial property owners and institutions.…The need is urgent. Western states have been sizzling under extended triple-digit temperatures. At least 10 places in California reached all-time high temperatures in September; Sacramento hit 116 degrees. The California grid had record demand of 52,061 megawatts (MW) on Sept. 6; the previous record was 50,270 MW in 2006.

“Do not come to give us lessons on culture! "She faced with the reproaches of the former elected official to the previous municipal council. Jeanne Barseghian concluded the discussions by pinning the assessment of her predecessors, who have "nothing" planned in the long term, according to her. Despite this heated debate on the municipal council, the majority EELV did not return to its decision.

"1,000 ways" to save energy in museums

The culture assistant, relegated to 13th rank, tried to moderate the debate, ensuring our colleagues from France Culture that the town hall hopes to settle " A number of problems to be able to completely reopen museums "by January.

Always with our colleagues, the Minister of Culture said herself on Monday evening "shocked by the instrumentalization of energy sobriety at the expense of access to culture". There are "1,000 ways to reduce museum energy consumption," she said, evoking the installation of LED lamps at the Quai d'Orsay.

Energy sobriety: What to answer to those who doubt?

The EU must provide tanks to Ukraine, pleads the president of the European Parliament .
© Frederick Florin The president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, calls the EU member states to deliver tanks to Ukraine . Photo taken during the plenary assembly of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, October 5, 2022. The president of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, calls on the EU member states to deliver tanks to Ukraine and to "accelerate" The membership procedure of this country at the Union, in an interview on Wednesday at AFP, before a summit of the twenty-seven.

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