Offbeat: Greifswald wants to support Fischer

Exhibition in Rennes. "Magnetism is at the heart of the energy transition"

 Exhibition in Rennes. © Ouest-France Hélène Fischer has developed the manipulations of the "magnetic" exposure. Magnetic exposure to the Sciences Space explores the properties of magnetism starting from daily applications. Present in electric motors, computers, magnetism is for researcher Hélène Fischer at the heart of the energy transition. Interview with Hélène Fischer, teacher-researcher in electromagnetism at the Jean Lamour Institute in Nancy who designed the magnetic exhibition at the Sciences Space of Rennes.

The city of Greifswald wants to preserve its traditional fishing. For this purpose, measures to support the under pressure were currently advised, the city announced on Thursday. For example, berth fees could be exposed, the assembly plants are repaired and sales on seasonal and regional markets could be strengthened, it said.

Frisch gefangene Heringe liegen in einer Fischkiste. © Jens Büttner/DPA central picture/dpa/symbol image freshly caught pegs are located in a fish box.

before reunification, 50 fishermen had worked in the cooperative of the Fischswald fishing village Wieck belonging to Greifswald. Today there are still ten. "Fishing belongs to Greifswald," emphasized Mayor Stefan Fassbinder (Greens), "The history of the Wiecker Fischer goes back to the 12th century."

fishermen on the Baltic Sea are in problems for drastic catch restrictions by the EU. In doing so, she wants to protect the under pressure.

Oath Keepers Threatened a ‘Bloody Civil War’ Over Biden’s Win in 2020 .
(Bloomberg) -- The Oath Keepers threatened a “bloody civil war” against a “puppet regime” if Joe Biden took the White House from Donald Trump, according to chat messages shown to jurors in the first Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy trial. © Bloomberg A demonstrator wears an Oath Keepers anti-government organization badge on a protective vest during a protest outside the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021.

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