Offbeat: Food: Three NGOs accuse France of exporting low -end meat in developing countries

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according to Action Climate, Greenpeace and Oxfam The chair, pork and conventional milk production areas are affected By these harmful production methods, according to them, for "the work of breeders, animal welfare and the environment".

  Alimentation : trois ONG accusent la France d'exporter de la viande bas de gamme dans des pays en voie de développement © supplied by Franceinfo

in a report published Tuesday, October 4, that Franceinfo, NGOs Action Climate, Greenpeace and Oxfam accuse France of export of low -end meat in developing countries. They say they can see that "the intensification of farming models turned to export is increasing".

>> Food: one in two chicken bought in France comes from abroad

"in total contradiction with the evolution of societal expectations, pursue NGOs, the actors of these sectors find themselves locked in an unbearable model, embarked in a Crazy race for competition in global markets without competitive advantage ".

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Pigits products for China and the Philippines

Three production channels are pointed out by this ratio: the chicken of flesh, pork and conventional milk production. These production sectors are held by a handful of manufacturers including Bigard, Agromousquetaire, or LDC. According to associations, if 30% of exports of French pig products are intended for third countries, China and the Philippines "absorb a large part of the exports of three products with low added value", such as 42% of frozen swine meats or 51 % of the offal.

Tomorrow, we reveal the behind the scenes that are not very bright in exports of the blue white red breeding.

Not enough to shout Cocorico.

to tomorrow

- Action climate network (@Racfrance) Octuber 3, 2022

According to the report, these production channels targeted the low -end market abroad which strengthens the 'Intensification of livestock, with consequences on work, Animal well -being and the environment, without guaranteeing food sovereignty. "Most of the exported products from industrial processing processes (powders and other dry products) come from intensive dairy farms", specifies this report.

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Redpirate European PAC aid

Action CLIMAT, Oxfam and Greenpeace network issues several recommendations for these sectors. In particular, they propose to adopt "at European level a double -direction border regulations: demanding criteria for entry and for exports". NGOs call to "redirect public aid to extensive farms, in particular Aids of PAC ".

They also wish to "prohibit advertising and promotions of meat from intensive farms, especially by large distribution". Intensive farming means that chickens live 40 days and are sometimes at 22 over 1 square meters. At the sector, 11% of the production has the Red Label. And only 1% the organic label.

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