Offbeat: in the middle of Germany: Cave researchers make incredible discovery

Body in underwater cave may be diver who vanished in 2020

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cave researchers made incredible discoveries in the so-called wind hole cave.

Eingang zu einer Höhle Entrance to a cave cave researcher make incredible discovery

The wind hole cave in the Oberberg Engelskirchen is currently on everyone's lips because cave researchers have discovered crystal formations in the first cion that were previously unknown in Europe in this size and variety.

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The wind hole cave

The wind hole is a cave system that was only tracked down in 2018. Before that, a person had never descended into the underground labyrinth - at least not officially.

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The cave researcher Stefan Voigt and his team were amazed at the current exploration when they came across crystal and drip stone formations in the wind hole cave.

Voigt: "In most well -known caves, people have simply chipped off and took away, as a souvenir or to sell them in most known caves." Unlike in the wind hole, where they are 20 centimeters long plaster cotton, plaster cotton, plaster crystals, mountain crystals and countless parties Forms of dripping stone found, as the WDR reports.

man digs out ice cavity for 20 years. What is hidden in it is incredibly rare "iron flowers" The so-called "iron flowers". "Described and have a diameter of up to 1.50 meters." This is extraordinary for European caves, "says researcher Stefan Voigt to the find.

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now examine employees of the Geological Service North Rhine-Westphalia and scientists from the Ruhr University in Bochum the "iron flowers" and try to find out why they could grow so big in the wind hole cave.

The wind hole cave in Engelskirchen is one of the largest previously known caves in Germany with more than 7.3 tunnel kilometers.

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