Offbeat: An ex-secretary of a Nazi concentration camp sentenced to two years in prison

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this Tuesday, Irmgard Furchner faced the chief of 'accusation of complicity of murders of more than 11,000 people at the concentration camp of Stutthof . If this trial is one of the last on the dark era of the Germany Nazi , it, however, started in a very strange way. At the scheduled time, the accused's box had remained empty: the nonagenarian had actually fled the same day. She had left her home for the elderly by taking a taxi and then went to a metro station in the hope of fleeing the bar in front of which she was to appear, said spokesperson for the German court

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His behavior "shows a contempt for the survivors and the rule of law," denounced Christoph Heubner , the vice-president of the Auschwitz committee. The former secretary had been found after a few hours of research. A doctor examined it to determine if IRMGARD FURCHNER was able to be placed in detention. Following this attempted missed flight, the historian and hunter of Israeli Nazis Efraim Zuroff

had tweeted: "Sufficient healthy to flee, sufficiently healthy to go to prison!"

"She made sure that the camp could continue to work" at the time of the facts, the ex-secretary of the commander of the Camp of Nazi concentration, Paul Werner Hoppe , occupied a position "of a Essential meaning ”in the systematic extermination structure, explained prosecutor Maxi Wantzen . "She made sure that the camp could continue to work," she said. Then aged 18 to 19, Irmgard Furchner worked as dactylographer and secretary between June 1943 and April 1945. The accused would have held almost all of the correspondences of Commander Werner Hoppe, according to the lawyer Christoph Rückel

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of the now guilty. "She also caught the machine and deportation orders and affixed her initials to the machine," he told the German regional public channel NDR.

One of the rare women to be tried for several years for participation in Rhymes Nazis

, the nonagenarian had refused to express himself as to her complicity in this genocide but had nevertheless warned that "she would boycott the procedure, for so To say, […] She wrote that it would be degrading if she participated, "said her lawyer.

An ignorant secretary of the atrocious reality of the camps? The prosecutor underlined the "exceptional historical meaning" of this trial. A judgment with a character above all "symbolic" is "essential", she added. According to Fuchner's lawyer, she does not deny the Shoah and Nazi crimes. However, in an interview with the local newspaper NDR in 2019, the former Secretary had indicated "having known" the massacres committed in this camp. The secretary's lawyer, Wolf Molkentin , pleads for the ignorance of her client. According to him, the Nazi dignitaries used terms coded in their written exchanges. "With terms as" special treatment ", like the Nazis called the murder of their opponents", it is not certain that Irmgard Farchner was able to understand the messages which it was tapping, judges the lawyer in a Interview given to the German magazine Der Spiegel

. “My client worked in the midst of SS experienced in violence. But should she share their level of knowledge? He asked himself.

In the concentration

of Stutthof, in the current Poland, perished around 65,000 people. "Jewish detainees, Polish supporters and Soviet prisoners of war" died according to historians. to read also: "Nazi Mamie": how the justice has caught up a 93-year-old negationist grandmother X1

My Great-Uncle’s World War II Story Isn’t Something My Jewish Family Likes to Discuss .
Charles’ experience, from resistance fighter to kapo, is always on my mind.My great-uncle Charles had been a kapo in Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi extermination camp, where close to a million Jews from all over Europe were murdered. I know this because on June 14, 1945, five weeks after being liberated, Charles sent a long letter to his brother, Henri, my grandfather, containing a detailed account of his time in Nazi concentration camps.

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