Offbeat: Uniper rescue is still expensive for the state - by Tom Käckenhoff and Christoph Steitz

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ARCHIV: Das Logo des deutschen Energieversorgungsunternehmens Uniper SE in der Unternehmenszentrale in Düsseldorf, Deutschland © Thomson Reuters Archive: The logo of the German energy supply company Uniper SE in the corporate center in Düsseldorf, Germany Düsseldorf (Reuters) - The rescue of the tumbling Gas giant Uniper is more expensive for the German state than last assumed.

In addition to the already known rescue plans, an approved capital of up to 25 billion euros should be created by issuing new shares against bar and/or kind contributions, the group said on Wednesday. This should be partially restored by further losses in 2022, 2023 and 2024. Together with the already announced or ongoing measures, the salvation of the largest German gas importer could cost up to 51.5 billion euros.

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The capital measures agreed with the federal government would end the uncertainty for the company and the customers, said CEO Klaus-Dieter Maubach. "It is no less than a significant part of Germany's gas bill, which is now paid for from tax funds - and not, as originally planned, via a gas surcharge." Without this relief, an even higher wave of costs would inevitably have come to customers, including numerous municipal utilities. "Through the state support, Uniper can continue to supply its customers with gas at the conditions contractually agreed before the war."

Uniper has been making high losses for months because the group has to get expensive replacement for the lack of gas deliveries from Russia. In the first nine months of this year, the Düsseldorf team had a loss of 40 billion euros.

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The price tag for the state is becoming increasingly expensive. In addition to the now mentioned up to 25 billion euros, the State Bank KfW lines of credit in the amount of 18 billion euros are added, some of which have already been drawn. In addition, the state should spend eight billion euros for a capital increase and 500 million euros for the acquisition of the uniper shares that lie with the Finnish parent company Fortum. However, the sum of 51.5 billion euros could be lower if the energy giant gets back on its feet and repays loans.

Uniper Harald Seegatz said that it was good that the change of ownership could be carried out this year. "Now I rely on the EU to quickly complete the approval process and do not make any unjustified requirements." Uniper must remain in the interests of its employees, society and not least for taxpayers and have future chances. "That is why Uniper has to be preserved as the entire group."

after taking over the state: 25 billion euros: Uniper needs further money from the BUND

 after taking over the state: 25 billion euros: Uniper needs further money from the BUND © provided by Wirtschaftswoche Several billion euros are required to save the gas importer. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = The aid package for Germany's largest gas importer Uniper has to be even greater than previously planned. The company, which is before the nationalization, needs more equity so as not to go to their knees. of the Russian gas deliveries that have fallen out, stumbling energy group Uniper needs another billion from the state.

Uniper should benefit from gas surcharge - that does not come

The Uniper shareholders should vote on the plans at an extraordinary general meeting on December 19. A shareholder meeting also planned for this day, on which the board wanted to explain the high losses, had been canceled. Management will also report on the situation. Uniper assumes that the EU Commission's permits will be given by the Annual General Meeting.

Uniper and Fortum had agreed on a rescue package in September. This provides for a bar capital increase in the volume of eight billion euros at an issue price of 1.70 euros per share, excluding the right of subscription of the shareholders, which is to be drawn exclusively by the federal government. In addition, the federal government should purchase the Uniper shares held by Fortum for 1.70 euros per share. It should stay that way.

(Report by Tom Käckenhoff, Christoph Steitz; Edited by Ralf Banser. If you have any questions, please contact our editorial team at [email protected] (for politics and economy) or [email protected] (for companies and Markets).)

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