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Offbeat: 11-September: How George W. Bush tried to minimize the information he had

A 31-Year-Old Man Was Found Guilty Of Murder In The Massacre Of A Family In Pike County, Ohio

  A 31-Year-Old Man Was Found Guilty Of Murder In The Massacre Of A Family In Pike County, Ohio Eight members of the Rhoden family were killed in the 2016 massacre, which prosecutors said was motivated by a custody dispute. View Entire Post ›George Wagner IV, along with his brother, Edward "Jake" Wagner, and parents Angela Wagner and George "Billy" Wagner III, was first arrested and indicted in 2018 in connection with the 2016 massacre in Pike County of the Rhoden family. The victims were found dead in three mobile homes and a camper, shot in the head "execution-style" while some were still in their beds. Three babies, including a 4-day-old infant, were present during the rampage but left unharmed.

George W. Bush aux commérations du 11 septembre, ce jour-là en 2021. © Mandel Ngan / AFP George W. Bush in the commerations of September 11, that day in 2021. could be avoided that ? Documents declassified in November and spotted by the American media Insider put in difficulty the former American president George W. Bush. This is the transcription of a meeting held on April 29, 2004 in the oval office, between the American president, his vice-president Dick Cheney and the members of the "9-11 commission", in charge of Start the light on the circumstances surrounding the attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 in the United States. During this secret meeting, the members of the Commission, five Democratic parliamentarians, five Republicans and the President of the Commission, the former governor of New Jersey Thomas Kean, were invited to ask "all the questions they wanted" , a “very unusual” procedure, notes the insider. To read also: the United States, this country where religious freedom comes before any other and this meeting, which lasted more than three hours, the American president will repeat it Envi: he was not aware of the inner threat represented by Al Qaida. George W. Bush, who prepared his re -election, insisted on convincing the members of the commission that no one - and especially not him - could have predicted only an attack on American soil was imminent. According to him, all the alerts reported by the intelligence services concerned American interests abroad. Bush "not in reality", the boss of the CIA, George Tenet, had warned the American president several times that the members of 'Al Qaida was preparing to strike anywhere and that American citizens were potential targets. In 2001, he warned George W. Bush about forty times on a potential major attack by Al-Qaida, mentioning in particular a "threat peak" and a "summer threat", reports the insider. Filmed on September 11: 20 years later, the Naudet brothers tell one of the notes of the American intelligence agency was even titled "bin Laden determined to strike in the United States"; A document that had leaked in 2002 and in which the American president was warned of "suspicious activities, compatible with the preparation of diversions or other types of attacks, including recent monitoring of federal buildings in New York". According to Insider, despite the multiple warnings received by George W. Bush, "he simply did not seem interested". The day of this secret meeting however, the American president insists on explaining that he took the warnings of his services Very seriously. On August 6 of the year of the attack, George W. Bush was informed that at least 70 FBI in progress concerned bin Laden and internal security of the United States. Response to the members of the Commission, this April 29, 2004: if the FBI had resulted in something on these 70 surveys, it would, of course, wanted to know it. A Greek tragedy? Insider reports that elements, uncovered In recent years, contradict the President's statements to the Commission that day, in particular the statements of Michael Morell, member of the CIA who then became deputy director of the agency, in a podcast in 2021. He explains that to The time, he could feel a deep frustration in George Tenet vis-à-vis the White House: "I had the feeling that Tenet thought that the White House simply did not understand" the nature of the threat, explains- He also read: Behind the Macron-Biden meeting, the now acceptable protectionism of the publication of the content of this interview, which has remained secret for more than twenty years, the report of the commission of inquiry now appears "incomplete and sanitized", regret the insider. The text is indeed rather mild towards George W. Bush; If he mentions the numerous warnings formulated by the CIA, he pleads more for institutional problems and a disorganization of American interior services, than for a lack of diligence of the president. It is also limited to noting that it was impossible to predict the real level of organization of Al Qaida and the form, relatively new at the time, that such an attack would take. As if the occurrence of these attacks was "from a Greek tragedy", the American media is sorry.

Why Young Sheldon Star Is Thankful For Big Bang Theory's George Changes .
Young Sheldon actor Lance Barber is thrilled that CBS changed The Big Bang Theory's version of George despite it creating many plot holes.Instead of the lazy and drunk father that Sheldon and Mary described on The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon's version of George is actually a devoted family man. Granted, he has his shortcomings, but it's clear that his wife and kids are his priority. Despite being a source of plot inconsistencies between the shows, Barber tells Jessica Radloff in her book, The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive Inside Story Of The Epic Hit Series, that he's actually glad CBS opted to change George on the prequel.

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