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Offbeat: Survey: Ampel coalition continues to lose in voters-without a majority

Merz wants more returns

 Merz wants more returns Berlin. Union parliamentary group leader Friedrich Merz warns the coalition - she must finally bring more rejected asylum seekers out of the country. She promised that, said Merz. Otherwise, acceptance for immigration suffers. Union faction leader Friedrich Merz expects from the traffic light to implement the cuddly "return offensive".

survey: traffic light coalition continues to lose in voting favor-without majority

, according to ARD Germany trend, the traffic light coalition would currently not receive a majority. The Union would be the strongest force.

Berlin-The traffic light coalition around Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is now in office. However, the new ARD Germany trend for the morning magazine on Friday (December 9th) reveals a mood low. The ruling parties would currently not get a majority. Only 42 percent of those surveyed would give their voice one of the three coalition parties. The CDU/CSU, on the other hand, could form a coalition with the Greens.

Why Democrats should like the early voting patterns in the Georgia Senate runoff

  Why Democrats should like the early voting patterns in the Georgia Senate runoff More than 1 million Georgians have voted early (absentee or in-person) ahead of Tuesday's Senate runoff election. The compact nature of the early voting period for the runoff makes it difficult to make an apples-to-apples comparison with what occurred during the November general election. Still, there are a number of notable trends that suggest an upside for Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock in his race against Republican Herschel Walker. This doesn’t mean Warnock is definitely going to win, but the data indicates you’d rather be Warnock than Walker right now.

would be a federal election on Sunday, according to the survey, the Union would be the strongest party to 29 percent. However, they lose one percentage point compared to the previous week. SPD and the Greens would unchanged to 18 percent. 15 percent would vote for the AfD. In the Germany trend, the FDP increases one percentage point to six percent compared to the previous week. The left is still five percent.

  Umfrage: Ampel-Koalition verliert weiter in der Wählergunst - Ohne Mehrheit © provided by FR Photo © Michael Kappeler/dpa

Germany trend: Inflation depresses the respondents

The basic mood of the respondents is tense. This is mainly due to the high inflation and an impending recession in the coming year. The economic expectations for the coming year will therefore be steamed by the eligible voters. Far more than every third (42 percent) expects that he will be economically worse in a year than today.

New national poll shows voters want parties to move on from Trump, Biden

  New national poll shows voters want parties to move on from Trump, Biden Independents want new choices for 2024, Deseret News/HarrisX poll shows.“We’re seeing the winds of change emerge,” said Dritan Nesho, CEO of HarrisX, about the latest findings. “Independents especially want new 2024 choices and new leadership across both parties.

compared to a survey in July of this year, the negative expectation is slightly declining with minus six percent. 47 percent assume that your personal conditions will not change in one year. Eight percent expect a better personal situation in December 2023.

East Germans and people with low incomes particularly pessimistic

The negative assessments come especially from people with low incomes and citizens from East Germany. Every second one with a monthly budget-net income under 1500 euros fears that he would be economically worse in 2023. In the case of East Germans, it is 49 percent that share this forecast. (Jo/AFP)

Before that, the government monitor had already shown on behalf of the Spiegel how dissatisfied some Germans surveyed are with the traffic light ministers.

Support for AfD in Bautzen: "Kotau of the CDU before right-wing extremism" .
The CDU votes in the district council of Bautzen for an AfD application against certain asylum seekers. SPD and Greens miss a word of power by Friedrich Merz. © Photo: dpa/Kay Nietfeld is to explain to the voice behavior of the CDU in Bautzen: Union faction and CDU party leader Friedrich Merz.

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