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Offbeat: floods in the Philippines: two dead and thousands of evacuated on Christmas Day

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Des garde-côtes philippins évacuent des personnes d'une zone inondée à Ozamiz City, aux Philippines, le 25 décembre 2022. © Philippine Coast Guard / AFP of the Philippin Coast Guard evacuating people from a flooded area in Ozamiz City, in the Philippines, December 25, 2022 .

Important floods struck Mindanao island, south of the Philippine archipelago, Sunday, December 25, 2022. Two people died and nearly 46,000 others were evacuated.

Two people died and nearly 46,000 others fled their houses in the Philippines , affected by important floods on Christmas Day.

In addition, nine people are missing after heavy seasonal rains caused floods on Sunday December 25, 2022 in 14 cities in the Mindanao region, southern island of the archipelago, said the Civil Defense office of Manila .

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Coast guard reported having rescued more than twenty families in the cities of Clarin and Ozamiz at the height of the floods.

bad weather in full Christmas vacation

"The waters have mounted up to the chest level in certain areas, but he stopped raining today" on Monday, an agent of an agent Civil protection, Robinson Lacre, from the city of Gingoog. Of the 45,700 people evacuated from their homes, 33,000 resided in Gingoog.

The victims were in the city of Jimenez.

The Center and the South of the Philippines, countries strongly exposed to natural disasters, were affected by bad weather while the Christmas holidays started only in this archipelago of 110 million inhabitants, many of them return to their city Natale on this occasion to find their family.

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Shipwreck of a fishing boat

In addition, the coast guard declared that strong and important waves had flowed a fishing boat on Christmas day off the central island of Leyte, killing two members of the crew, six others having been rescued.

In October 2022, The violent tropical storm Nalgae , which caused landslides and floods all over the country, left at least 150 dead.

The Philippines are classified among the most vulnerable countries in the face of the effects of climate change. Scientists warn that storms will become more and more powerful as the planet warms up.

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