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Offbeat: survey on mobility: How do the Dresdeners move in the city?

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 Environment: Baden-Württemberg will pioneer for sustainable mobility find funny T-shirt ideas on Amazon . The green ruled state of Baden-Württemberg wants to become the German pioneering region for sustainable mobility . With a versatile funding program, public transport is intended to strengthen the railway and bus, the state roads are noticeably improved and bicycle traffic is also advanced. According to its own words, the state government in Stuttgart sets new priorities in transport policy. Public transport should use even more people than before.

over 3,000 Dresdeners will be asked about their mobility from January 2023. It is about which means of transport you are traveling in everyday life. Why this is important for traffic.

Ob zu Fuß, auf dem Rad, Motorrad, Auto oder in der Straßenbahn - in Dresden gibt es zahlreiche Wege, Strecken zurückzulegen. Im Januar startet eine Befragung, die dem Verkehrsfluss dienen soll. © dpa © provided by SZ - Sächsische Zeitung OB on foot, on the bike, motorcycle, car or on the tram - there are numerous ways to cover routes in Dresden. A survey starts in January to serve the flow of traffic. © dpa

Dresden. From January 2023, around 3,200 Dresdner will be asked about their mobility by random procedure. The survey on behalf of the state capital Dresden, Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe AG (DVB) and the Oberelbe transport association (VVO) runs over twelve months and is part of the research project "Mobility in cities - SRV 2023" of the TU Dresden.

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The results of the study include, among other things, the basis for the Dresden mobility plan 2035+ and the update of the integrated traffic model Dresden and region 2040. The most important questions and answers at an overview.

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What is being raised?

It is about whether and with which means of transport the respondents are on everyday life and what distances they cover. The requirements for mobility can be very different. Therefore, there is also a question about the possibility of a driver's license, the accessibility of stops or the time required for the daily paths.

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The survey is aimed at?

The survey is aimed at randomly selected Dresden. Each household stands for part of the entire population and is therefore needed. Only through the active participation of as many as possible can representative data that are essential for future traffic planning can be obtained.

People who are rarely traveling are expressly called for participation, since the mobility behavior of the entire population is to be recorded. The survey is also aimed at households in the surrounding area of ​​Dresden. This also enables elimination for commuter traffic.

How does the survey work?

The selected people receive an announcement letter that informs them about the survey and asks for their participation. The questions can be answered flexibly via online access on the Internet or via a telephone hotline. A web chat is also set up.

The participation is voluntary and the evaluation is anonymized. The results are expected to be available at the end of 2024.

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Why does the survey to mobility take place?

The examination of everyday mobility is part of the research project "Mobility in cities - SRV 2023", which runs in more than 500 German cities and municipalities at the same time. The project, designed as a "system of representative traffic surveys" (SRV), has been providing important findings and data for urban and regional traffic planning as well as traffic policy since 1972. In addition, the information is very suitable for control of traffic projects in the urban area and in the surrounding area. (SZ/JUJ)

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