Offbeat: Mali. A woman killed and a child injured in a fire during a French raid

Lead 1-Paris refutes UN conclusions on the strike in Mali-Ministry of the Armies

 Lead 1-Paris refutes UN conclusions on the strike in Mali-Ministry of the Armies Mali-Securite / France-Reaction (Lead 1): Lead 1-Paris refutes the UN conclusions on the strike at Mali-Ministry of the Armies (updated with details) Paris, March 30 (Reuters) - The French Ministry of the Armies refuted Tuesday the conclusions of the UN report that a French air strike would have made 19 civilian victims in early January Mali, reaffirming that only jihadists had been affected.

Tessalit, au Nord Ouest du Mali © Infographic West-France TESSALIT, north west of Mali

this Friday, April 2, the staff announced that a woman was killed and A child wounded in a fire on the sidelines of an intervention by French military.

A woman has died and a child was slightly injured in a fire on the sidelines of an operation conducted at the French Mali by the French military, during which an alleged jihadist was killed and two others captured, announced This Friday, April 2 the staff.

The tent of the assailant took fire

in the night of Wednesday to Thursday, in a sector located 95 km southeast of Tessalit (Northeast), from the military of Operation Barkhane led a connection aimed at The Capture of Frames of GSIM (Support Group for Islam and Muslims), a Jihadist group affiliated with Al Qaeda, affirmed the staff in a statement.

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 Niger: Investiture of President Mohamed Bazoum Under a safe angle © AFP - Issouf Sanogo The new president of Niger Mohamed Bazoum, during a speech after the announcement of his victory to the presidential election, on 23 February 2021. The new president of Niger Mohamed Bazoum denounced on Friday, "war crimes" committed in his country by "terrorist groups", during his investiture speech in Niamey. The Sahelian country faces a resurgence of jihadist attacks.

After a delicate helicopter infiltration, the capture of two individuals and the seizure of three small infantry arms, many ammunition and telephones, the French soldiers were taken over by an individual hidden in a tent that opened the fire.

The individual has been neutralized, it says the same source, adding that a woman presents alongside the assailant was found for life.

During this exchange of fire, the tent housing the assailant took fire and a toddler, present in this same tent, was extracted from the flames by one of the French military, according to the statement.

The, toddler, was treated on site before being evacuated to the Gao Military Hospital, said the staff, stressing that suffering from superficial injuries, he was now out of danger.

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