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Offbeat: Newcomers in the $ 100 billion-club

OPINION: As Sponsorships Go, Select Car Leasing Are Perfect For Reading FC

  OPINION: As Sponsorships Go, Select Car Leasing Are Perfect For Reading FC The Reading-based business have signed a 10-year deal with the club for the stadium’s naming rights.“Eugh.....” I can hear you cry, or some other variation of revulsion. Part of me wants to agree with you. In a simpler world, no one would choose for the stadium to be renamed. The Madejski Stadium is an ode to the man whose millions built the place. A man who quite literally kept the club afloat.

More and more billionaires create it in the $ 100 billion club. This is dominated mainly by US Tech entrepreneurs. However, critics complain again and again the Unfair tax system of the USA.

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• Steve Ballmer creates it in the 100 billion dollar club

• Larry Ellison slips under the 100 billion-border

• Wealthy numbers in the USA always Even too little taxes

The most exclusive club in the world is the 100 billion-dollar club. Members are, for example, Facebook -founder Mark Zuckerberg, Amazon -Founder Jeff Bezos or Tesla -ceo Elon Musk. Despite the corona crisis, which many people has prepared financial problems, there is such a few billionaires as soon as the "Bloomberg Billionaires Index" (as of 19.07.2021), which could soon also rise in the asset Olympus.

EXPLAINER: $26B opioid settlement big step, but not the end

  EXPLAINER: $26B opioid settlement big step, but not the end COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A $26 billion settlement between the three biggest U.S. drug distribution companies and drugmaker Johnson & Johnson and thousands of states and municipalities that sued over the toll of the opioid crisis is certainly significant — but it is far from tying a neat bow on the tangle of still unresolved lawsuits surrounding the epidemic. Besides the monthslong process of state and local governments deciding whether to sign onto the settlement, there are three current cases in the U.S., others set to begin soon and the bankruptcy of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma to resolve.

Steve Ballmer with a fortune over $ 100 billion

Thus, the ex-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer creates in the $ 100 billion club and this year was able to be 20.1 billion to a total of 101 Increase billion US dollars. This is the ninth member of the club of super-rich. The founder of US Software Concerning Oracle , Larry Ellison is resigned with a current assets of $ 99.8 billion from the $ 100 billion club and currently occupies tenth place in the ranking of the richest people in the world. The reason for the short-term amendments to the assets of super-rich could according to reports of the business magazine "Finanzblatt" in the stock fluctuations. According to the business magazine "Business Insider" Ellison pleases much luxury. So the billionaire leaves with preference yacht race and is owner of a whole Hawaiian island.

State AGs urge support for landmark $26 billion opioid settlement

  State AGs urge support for landmark $26 billion opioid settlement State AGs urge support for landmark $26 billion opioid settlement(Reuters) -A group of state attorneys general unveiled on Wednesday a landmark $26 billion settlement with large drug companies for allegedly fueling the deadly nationwide opioid epidemic, but some states were cool on the agreement.

The billionaire elite consists mostly of US Tech entrepreneurs. An exception is the French luxury goods Mogul Bernard Arnault. With his company LVMH he operates brands such as Moët & Chandon, Louis Vuitton or Dior, which brought him a fortune of 167 billion US dollars. A club contender is also the L'Oréal -erbin Françoise Bettenecourt-Meyers. With a net assets of 87.8 billion US dollars, it is not only the richest woman in the world, but also the Elft placed of the "Bloomberg Billionaires Index".

income tax rate for many billionars too low

With the steady changes in the $ 100 billion club, the control stabilizes back to the fore. Thus, the non-profit organization reported "Propublica" that top billionaires such as Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk have paid little until no income tax in a few years. This in turn led to call to check the tax code in the USA. Even though US President Joe Biden urges a tax change package that gives more responsibility to the wealthy, many billionaires still use control loops. Millionaires can reduce their tax liability with the possession of sports teams. Thus Steve Ballmer, the owner of the basketball team Los Angeles Clippers, had to pay only 78 million US dollars at taxes at a merit of $ 686 million in 2018. This is a federal income tax rate of 12 percent, which is much lower than that of an employee of the association.

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