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Offbeat: Survey: Majority calls by Agricultural Minister Özdemir Measures for more animal welfare

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A great majority of citizens desires from the new Minister of Agriculture Cem Özdemir (Green) of a Greenpeace survey measures for more animal welfare. 88 percent of respondents spoke out for better attitude conditions with fewer animals in the stables, as Greenpeace announced on Thursday.

Bundesminister für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft Cem Özdemir © dpa Federal Minister of Nutrition and Agriculture CEM Özdemir

for a mandatory state label for all meat and dairy products in trade and gastronomy are therefore 78 percent of respondents. A large majority (85 percent) would also be prepared to pay additional taxes or duties on meat products, so as to increase the animal welfare.

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  UK health service under 'extreme' strain amid omicron surge LONDON (AP) — The leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party tested positive for the coronavirus and will miss the chance to grill Prime Minister Boris Johnson about the government's COVID-19 policies Wednesday as soaring infections strain the U.K. health system. Johnson said Tuesday that the country has “a chance to ride out” the omicron variant-driven surge in infections without imposing tough lockdown measures. He is scheduled to answer questions in Parliament on Wednesday afternoon and to deliver a statement on COVID-19.

Greenpeace: Result is urgent call for Özdemir

"This clear result is an urgent call for Cem Özdemir, now to tackle, which has remained far too long," said the agricultural expert of Greenpeace, Martin Hofstetter, the news agency AFP. "The Animal Welfare Act must finally be consistently enforced so that massive animal suffering in industrial agriculture has an end." Consumers also wanted "reliable" how the animals were held, said Hofstetter said.

For the survey, the survey institute canton responded in mid-December around 1000 people. A tax or levy on meat would put the incentive to consume less meat, explained Greenpeace. Three quarters of greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture came from the field of animal husbandry. So that Germany's climate neutrality up to 2045, meat consumption and pet stock would have to be halved in the coming years.

Glyphosate: Majority against approval

"It is the task of Minister Özdemir, finally initiating the overdue conversion of agriculture," said Hofstetter AFP. "Bäuers and farmers need clear prospects, reliable guidelines and a targeted promotion to be able to participate well this change."

, the majority opinion on glyphosate also fell off: 71 percent of respondents demand from the new Agricultural Minister, at EU level against one Renewed approval of the weed destruction to vote. 78 percent stated that Özdemir should take care of the reduction of pesticides and fertilizers in agriculture. (AFP)

Özdemir: Farmers need to have livelihoods .
Bundesage Minister Cem Özdemir (Green) underlined the social importance of agriculture in Germany. © Fabian Summer / DPA CEM Özdemir with activists of protest in Berlin. "I do not want to live in a country where peasants give up and then take over the lands afterwards of any anonymous investors," said Özdemir at a demonstration of the agricultural alliance "We are full!" in Berlin. "So the villages break, the country breaks." He emphasized the value of the court succession - "that the boys like

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