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Offbeat: The children of the TV (France 2): who are the guests of Laurent Ruquier this Sunday, January 16th?

Why France should use coal plants this winter

 Why France should use coal plants this winter the stopping of certain nuclear power plants emphasizes the French supply of electricity. © Salom-Gomis France is forced to rotate at full speed its coal plants. usually, the share of the charcoal sector in the production of electricity in France does not exceed 1 to 2%. Far behind renewable energies and especially nuclear power, largely domineering (about 70%). But it could be a little bit more in the coming months.

Les Enfants de la télé (France 2) : qui sont les invités de Laurent Ruquier ce dimanche 16 janvier ? © Gilles Gustine / FTV The children of the TV (France 2): who are the Guests of Laurent Ruquier this Sunday, January 16th? Laurent Ruquier will receive five personalities on his plateau for his new number of the children of the TV, broadcast this Sunday 16 January from 18h20 on France 2.

Laurent Ruquier is definitely the Figure of the weekend on France 2. Facilitator with Lea Salamé of we are live every Saturday evening, it also ensures the next day the presentation of the emission the children of the TV , where five guests have fun reviewing cult sequences of history TV. This Sunday, January 16, a new guest burst is expected in the entertainment, which will be broadcast just after the Bordeaux Begles / Scarlets dating (Wales) as part of the European Rugby Cup.

direct. Presidential: Marine Le Pen questions "the capital gain of Eric Zemmour"

 direct. Presidential: Marine Le Pen questions © Daniel Fouray / West-France Marine Le Pen, candidate of the national gathering. At a little less than three months of the presidential election, the left still has many nominations while the popular primary must unveil the list of candidates on Saturday that will be part of the vote. Christiane Taubira will share his decision or not from here. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for his part, was sentenced to insult and public defamation on journalists.

Valerie Bénail is the guest of Laurent Ruquier

Among the personalities that will receive Laurent Ruquier Figurera Valérie Bénail , who for several years is one of the most loyal columnics of Cyril Hanouna In does not touch my extension . Very close to its C8 acolytes, however, she recently revealed what she categorically refused to do in the show, but also with whom of her colleagues she never leaves on vacation . If you can expect to see pictures of TPMP in the show of Laurent Ruquier, Valérie Benaim comes in the children of TV as part of the promotion of his book entitled Jean-Pierre Bacri: The Gentleman Gentleman, Tribute to the comedian disappeared a year ago.

Humor and Music in The children of TV

The viewers of France 2 will also find on the plateau Bérengère Krief , currently on tour throughout France with its show love . It is its own experience that the comedy humorist in the series brief was inspired for this show. The one who experienced a great disappointment a few years ago with the cancellation of her marriage evokes in particular the romantic relationships and meetings. Other guests: Journalist Jacques Pradel, as well as singer Alain Chamfort who returns with his new album, Dandy Symphonic . The ex-companion of Lio reinterprets its greatest classics in symphonic version alongside the Montpellier Occitan National Orchestra. David Coudyser will also be on the shelf of the children on TV , where he officiated several years for sketches where he was having fun with emissions, or personalities.

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Laurent (the 12 noon): this great moment of emotion lived by the current champion on the plateau of the show .
© the 12 shots of lunch / TF1 Laurent (the 12 shots): this Large moment of emotion experienced by the current champion on the plateau of the broadcast for several weeks, Laurent, the current master of noon excels on the plateau of the show the 12 noon. And on this Sunday, January 23, Jean-Luc Reichmann booked him a nice surprise. The candidate could not retain his tears.

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