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Offbeat: Corona shock! Lucas Cordalis does not move into the jungle camp an

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now! The jungle camp is also not over at the current corona problem. One of the camper has caught it: just Lucas Cordalis, who was looking forward to the extreme situation, how hardly a second, was positive. Even if the man of Daniela Katzenberger has no symptoms, of course, he must not move into the camp of gray.

  Corona-Schock! Lucas Cordalis zieht nicht ins Dschungelcamp ein © Provided by Berliner Kurier

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The 54-year-olds go well, part RTL with. Since the positive test result, he was in isolation. The jungle camp starts next Friday but without the man who wanted to step into the footsteps of his father. Costa Cordalis had become first jungle king 15 years ago. Now his son wanted to emulate him.

JungleCamp 2022: Candidate already before starting out - RTL expresses itself

 JungleCamp 2022: Candidate already before starting out - RTL expresses itself Even before the start of this year's jungle camp is for a candidate again conclusion - RTL is now commenting. © RTL Eric Standing, Linda Nobat, Janina Youssefian, Filip Pavlovic, Jasmine Men, Lucas Cordalis, Tara Tabitha, Peter Althof, Harald Glööckler, Anaususchka Renzi, Manuel Flickinger and Tina Ruland on January 21, 2022 Starts the new season of "I'm a star - get me out of here!" , but already in advance there is neat vortex.

But it will not. At least for the time being. Although a negative PCR test was required to enter South Africa, which was not older than 48 hours. But after arrival Lucas Cordal was then still positive.

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The camp starts only eleven celebrities with now. There is no postpiece, since the reverse Jasmine Herrin has already been "introduced" for Christin Okpara because of various inconsistencies with respect to their vaccination certificate.

is unclear, however, if Lucas Cordal may be able to move into the jungle camp at a later date. "Whether the 54-year-old will move into the jungle camp at a later date, is not fixed yet," says RTL.

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also shares the station that it has also given positive test results in the local production team in South Africa: "But only very few. The responsible goods were prepared and the jungle camp production continues as planned. The positive corona cases in the team are not related to the infection of Lucas Cordalis. "

Sahra Wagenknecht positively tested on corona .
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