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Offbeat: Fire of Our Lady of Paris: Three years later, where are the work?

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Le 15 avril 2019, la cathédrale Notre-Dame s’embrasait et la flèche de Viollet-le-Duc s’effondrait sur la charpente en flammes. Trois ans jour pour jour après le drame, quelle est l'avancée des travaux pour reconstruire le monument historique, au cœur de la ville de Paris ? Europe 1 fait le point. © AFP On April 15, 2019, Notre-Dame Cathedral was kissing and the arrow of Viollet-le-Duc collapsed on the frame in flames. Three years day for day after drama, what is the progress of the work to rebuild the historic monument, in the heart of the city of Paris? Europe 1 takes stock.

These are images that have moved the whole world. On April 15, 2019, the flames ravaged Our Lady of Paris . After hours of intervention, firefighters came to the end of the fire. However, some damage were already irreparable. Since then, the reconstruction is running. Securing and consolidation of the cathedral have completed last summer. But where are the work now?

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The work is moving inside the cathedral . The white tarpaulins always cover the gaping holes left by the fire. Notre-Dame is now cleaned and refreshed, before his restoration begins in a few weeks. Stone tailors, glassmakers, art rods must invest the metal forest. In all, there are 1,200 tons of scaffolding around the pillars.

A hard blow for the merchants

The project of Notre-Dame , it is also the reconstruction of the voute: 15% of them collapsed under the flames. Second step: the reconstruction of the frame, then the arrow, which should emerge next spring.

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The fire was fatal for the tourism sector. The fewer passersby are less than the time of the splendor of Notre-Dame. Robert deplores these construction huts who replaced tourists from around the world. "It's unfortunate to see that," he says in Europe 1. "It's a neighborhood that has become sad enough ... even the merchants of memories close! It blessed everything, we were happy, we were good, we were good, we were good, we were well, We were working, now we have nothing left, we only have to wait! "

Emmanuel Macron is expected this Friday at Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, reveals Europe 1. A trip as President (not a campaign displacement) but very symbolically in this between-two towers, especially to address The Catholic electorate just before the Easter weekend.

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