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Offbeat: despite inflation and interest rate flow: savers remain true to passenger

Monetary Policy: Bundesbank President: Interest could soon rise

 Monetary Policy: Bundesbank President: Interest could soon rise © Provided by Handelsblatt The President of the Bundesbank has good news for savers. Photo: DPadata-Portal-Copyright = The high inflation rates force the ECB according to Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel to an early interest rate. Already in the summer it could be so far. The European Central Bank (ECB), from the point of view of Bundesbank President Joachim Nagel, may quickly initiate the interest rate turnaround in the face of highshooting inflation numbers.

Despite increased inflation rates, most people in Germany continue to put their money in hardly interest rates.

Viele parken ihr Geld auf einem Sparbuch. © Candy Welz / dpa-TMN / DPA Many park your money on a savings account.

In the case of a survey on behalf of the Federal Association of German Banks (BDB), 45 percent gave up money on the savings account. On day or fixed deposit 38 percent. The shares remained unchanged from the past year compared to the survey. Multiple answers were possible.

The mentioned savings are hardly or nothing in the interest rate fleaness. On daily money accounts, more and more institutions from certain sums are even negative interest. One-third (33 percent) of the 1000 interviewed investors, according to the survey, also owns shares, shares in funds or other securities. One year earlier it was 31 percent.

Mitch McConnell leads Republicans in profiting off of corporate price hikes

  Mitch McConnell leads Republicans in profiting off of corporate price hikes Meanwhile the Republican has accused Democrats of "gaslighting" the public for blaming inflation on price gouging , calling the Democratic narrative "left spin" designed to distract from what he perceives to be Biden's profligate fiscal spending. But many of McConnell's own corporate benefactors, including Kroger and J&J, have openly bragged about hiking prices in investor calls, celebrating inflation as a unique opportunity to pass along costs to their customers. As you read today's inflation report, pay close attention to what the CEOs who set prices are saying.

Sustainable Cash Systems

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According to the information, more than 6 million people in Germany are now investing in sustainable investments. This has more than doubled its number since 2019. "Above all, knowledge gaps and lack of information, many investors of sustainable investments still adhere else», explained BDB Country Managing Director Christian Essig.

While the information has already heard half of the respondents ever heard the term "sustainable investment". About one third of it does not know what exactly behind it. Easy still sees "clearly air upwards", especially in humans with less merit. "Unfortunately, it is unfortunately too often a question of income, whether invested in" green facilities ".» According to the survey, investors are all the more sustainability, the higher the income is. So every fourth said, whose monthly household net income exceeds € 3500, that he creates "sustainable".

Under sustainable investments, investments are understood to include environmental factors, social responsibility and good corporate governance. The EU had set concrete criteria for climate-friendly investments last December and proposed despite broad criticism to classify investment in gas and nuclear power transition than sustainable investments. Renewable energies are already classified as climate-friendly in the classification system called Taxonomy.

Rising inflation adds pain to student loan debt .
Student loan borrowers will face a serious squeeze this spring when a federal moratorium on their debt payments expires amid surging inflation.Tens of millions of Americans are bracing to resume paying their student loans for the first time since March 2020, after the fastest annual rise in consumer prices since 1982.The costs of food, housing and other essential goods are rising while millions of Americans feel the crushing weight of student debt."Right now, people's budgets are already being squeezed by rising food and heating costs.

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