Offbeat: Legislative in Senegal: the opposition and the presidential camp claim the victory

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  Législatives au Sénégal: l'opposition et le camp présidentiel revendiquent la victoire © AFP

The Opposition said that it had obtained "a comfortable majority" in the National Assembly, shortly after the claim of the camp by the camp Presidential of Sunday legislative elections in Senegal.

At the end of the evening on Sunday, Aminata Touré, head of the presidential coalition, assured having won 30 departments, out of the 46 in Senegal and the constituencies abroad, while recognizing the defeat in Dakar, the capital . "This undoubtedly gives us a majority in the National Assembly," she said.

"We followed with amazement the release Ms. Mimi Touré who (...) presents himself as a spokesperson for President Macky Sall who is once again trying to confiscate the votes of the Senegalese who have just given a comfortable majority in the Assembly National at the Yewwi Wallu intercoalition, "reacted the main coalition of the opposition.

Legislative in Senegal: Overview of Outsiders

 Legislative in Senegal: Overview of Outsiders © RFI/Guillaume Thibault Eight lists are in competition for the legislative elections next Sunday in Senegal (illustration image) Final straight line in the campaign for the legislative elections July 31 in Senegal. Eight lists are in competition. The main coalitions of the majority -Benno Bokk Yaakaar- and the opposition -yewwi Askan Wi / Wallu Senegal -are in the spotlight. But it will also be necessary to count with the outsiders.

No more than the presidential camp, the opposition does not specify in its press release the number of deputies obtained by its camp, nor if it is a relative or absolute majority, but speaks of "heavy trends drawn from PV ( minutes) in our possession and well relayed by the national press ".

"We are witnessing the national and international opinion against any attempt to manipulate the results (...) and we also call on all the Senegalese to stand for the security of the victory of the people," said the press release.

Test ball

The opposition said it wanted to use these elections to impose a cohabitation on President Sall, who hopes to keep a large majority.

These legislative elections, last ballot before the presidential election of 2024, appear a test after the local elections of January, won by the opposition in major cities of this West African country renowned for its stability, like Dakar, Ziguinchor (South) and Thiès (West).

Senegal legislative poll set to test ruling party ahead of presidential vote

  Senegal legislative poll set to test ruling party ahead of presidential vote Senegal legislative poll set to test ruling party ahead of presidential voteDAKAR (Reuters) - Senegal's main opposition coalition is vying to gain clout in legislative polls on Sunday that will set the scene for a presidential election in 2024 that could see President Macky Sall run for a controversial third term.

These elections, in a single round, aim to renew for five years the 165 seats of the Monocameral Parliament largely controlled by the presidential camp.

Video: Legislative in Senegal: Success claimed by the presidential camp (France 24)

Macky Sall promised to appoint a Prime Minister -post he had deleted and then restored in December 2021 -within victorious election training.

The provisional overall results will be given no later than Friday by the National Voting Census Commission (CNRV), but the local media and main political movements have been giving partial results since Sunday evening.

The first trends reported by the media report a tight ballot and a good breakthrough of the Yewwi/Wallu intercoalition, especially in urban centers.

"Yewwi Askan Wi" (release the people in Wolof), the main coalition of the opposition, formed around Ousmane Sonko, who arrived third in the 2019 presidential election, allied with the "Wallu Senegal" coalition (save Senegal in Wolof), led by ex-president Abdoulaye Wade.

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Voting in calm

The vote took place in peace on Sunday and without a major incident, with a participation rate of 47%, according to the Interior Ministry.

The National Autonomous Electoral Commission (CENA), which oversees the vote, had deployed some 22,000 observers. Experts from the Economic Community of West African States (Cédéao) and La Francophonie were also present.

The deputies are elected according to a mode which is a proportional ballot with national lists for 53 parliamentarians, and majority ballot in the departments for 97 others. The diaspora has 15 deputies.

The ballot takes place in a context of price increase, in particular consequence of the war in Ukraine, argument used by the opposition against the power which highlights the subsidies of petroleum and food products as well as its construction program 'Infrastructure

The opposition also wants to force Mr. Sall to give up any hint of candidacy in 2024. President Sall, elected in 2012 for seven years and re -elected in 2019 for five years, maintains the vagueness on his intentions at 19 months of the presidential election.

"If Macky Sall loses the legislative elections, he will no longer speak of 3rd term," said Sonko.

The pre-campaign had been marked by violent demonstrations which had killed at least three people due to the invalidation by the Constitutional Council of holders of the national list of the coalition led by Mr. Sonko, forced to give up participating in the elections.

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